Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sick Puppies

This sickness has descended on us once again. 

Freddie started it.  He woke up with a low-grade fever on Saturday morning.  This turned into a very high fever and full blown yuckiness on Sunday.  But I took him to the doctor, no ear infection, no strep.  Must be a virus.  Wonderful!  Nothing you can do for a virus but just wait for it to go away.

So Monday I stayed home.  If you're keeping count, that is 4 sick days in the 10 weeks I've been working at this new job.

Monday his fever broke, so it was back to daycare on Tuesday.  When I picked them up, Ainsley had a runny nose and I was informed that Freddie had not been himself all day.  But no fever.

Yesterday morning, I woke to find Freddie covered in a rash.  Ainsley, meanwhile, had picked up a cough to go along with her very runny, watery nose. 

Freddie stayed home with Nanny yesterday.  Doctor says he doesn't need to be seen and he's not contagious - Roseola.  He was contagious before the rash broke out.  Lovely!

Last night, Ainsley was up most of the night coughing...know what that means?  Clif and I were up most of the night.  Clif more than me.  I had spent the previous three nights up with Freddie all night, so he took the bullet on this one.

So today, Ainsley is home with Nanny.  Thank goodness for Nanny.  Otherwise I would have been out of work all week.

And now, Clif and I...not feeling so hot.  Maybe we're just tired.  Maybe if the weather got over it's whole bi-polar disorder no one would be sick.  Maybe this weekend we'll catch up on sleep. 


Hope you all are feeling well.  Happy Thursday.
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