Thursday, March 10, 2011

Run of the Mill Update

This week has been sort of crazy...aren't they all though?

But in particular, I've decided that I need more stability in my life, so I've been pushing myself to get things organized at my in-law's house.  I have not made it very far.  Also, I'm doing a bit of contract work for my old company.  So that hasn't left much time for blogging.  I love my blog, but money's always going to win out.  So if anyone wants to pay me to write my blog every day...speak up...PLEASE!!!!

See, although we moved here 2 months ago, I don't really feel like we've moved.  You know?  We've been in Richmond every single weekend of those 2 months getting the house ready, packing, moving stuff, etc.  Now, that we're past that stage, I feel the need to become a bit more settled.

The basement, which is basically where my little family has it's living space, is a wreck.  I mean we have the main area set up nicely, but the kids toys are everywhere - awe, just like home :)

The storage area of the basement is nightmarish!  As we unloaded our cars each week, the stuff that needed storage just kind of got tossed in a pile.  So now that needs to be a bit more organized and neat.  Especially if Ainsley every wants to use her trampoline again.

So that is my goal.  To have all that cleaned up by Freddie's birthday weekend.  Ahhhhh!  Lots to do, and very little time to do it.

Speaking of birthday party...can you believe it?  I can't!  I can't believe that my little monster will be 1 next Friday!!!!  Where has the time gone?  So in honor of the approaching birthday, here is a little update on all that Freddie's doing these days...the good, bad and ugly.

The Good
I always heard that second children don't talk as early as the first.  So, I gotta say, that I'm a bit blown away at all that Freddie "says."  Here's a list of his most common words:
-Baaw - Ball.  The kid loves a ball.  The only thing that excites him more than a ball is the song "Baby Beluga."
-Baa Baa Baa - Baby Beluga.  My MIL has this song on a CD and Freddie asks for it.  Ainsley learned this song right around her first birthday.  Freddie will say Baaa, Baaa, Baaa while he rocks back and forth and tilts his head to the left - BUT only the left.  He doesn't go right. If you don't believe me, watch this...

-Nigh Nigh - I believe this is Night Night.  But I think he also uses it for Nanny.  He always says it when we're saying good night to everyone.  He also says it when I have gone past bedtime.  But I also randomly hear him say it when Denise is around.  So maybe it has a duel meaning.
-Ahhh Daaa - All done.  I'm trying to teach him signs, so he says this with great enthusiasm while vigorously shaking his hands in the air.
-AHhh DoTT - He says this a lot, I'm thinking it's "What's that?"

-Uhhh Ahhh - Uh Oh...everyone's favorite
Then of course we have the Muma and Daada which are always wonderful to hear.

Freddie can also wave bye-bye, clap, do the sign for "all done", I think he may be trying to do the sign for "more" but it looks like clapping, dance, play patty-cake, feed himself, drink from a sippy cup and stomp around the house.  He is not graceful (see the ugly section).

The Bad

-He LOVES the toilet paper roll.  Don't turn your back on him in the bathroom because in less than 5 seconds he can empty the roll of toilet paper by spinning it with is fat little hands.
-He bites.  I have the bruises to prove it.
-He hates any activity where you are forcing him to be still: diaper changes, getting dressed, getting undressed, strapping him into his car seat/stroller/highchair, wiping his nose.
-He doesn't really like the dogs to be near him - probably because they either knock him down or lick his face until he can't breath.  BUT, he loves the dog bowls.  Sometimes I'll look over and see him concentrating very hard with his mouth closed.  That's the sign for "I just put a piece of dog food in my mouth and it's really hard and I'm not sure what to do with it, but interesting flavor."  Also, I have to hide the water bowls or he'll soak himself.

The Ugly

He did this while walking.  Really.  He falls, randomly.  I know that he just started walking, but I don't feel like Ainsley was this klutzy and she was pretty brave at this age.  She wasn't really apprehensive about walking.  But then again, maybe I was just more on top of her all the time.  Who knows the reason.  But he literally was walking towards Ainsley's doll house when he fell face first into it, broke one of the windows and was stabbed in the head with the jagged end of the wood.  I saw the broken window first and I gotta say that I was sure we'd be making a trip to the ER.  But he's good.  I think it looks worse than it is.
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