Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pictures I Promised

Sorry it has taken me a few days to get the pictures I promised up. We had a very busy weekend and this is the first time I've been on the computer since the Internet went down.

Here is the picture of the letters I made for my future nephew...

Here are some cutie pie pictures of Ainsley...

And this is how we all feel after the busy weekend. It was fun but tiring.

I will get upstairs and take pictures of the nursery this week to share with you all...and I will share some stories and pictures of my sister's dress hunting.

Until then, have a great week!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where does all my time go?

Note: I was supposed to post this last night with pictures. However, our internet was down. This morning we discovered why. My wonderful dogs dug up our FIOS cable. Awesome!!! So here's the post. I'll get pictures up as soon as we can access the internet at home.

As my mom reminded me this morning, I have not updated this in over a week. Sorry all, I really don't know where my days go sometimes. Life has been crazy busy with getting ready for the baby and my job and the jewelry stuff and my lack of motivation and laziness in general.

I have to say, that I am very thankful that I don't have diabetes this go around and I am very thankful that I have not reached the level of swelling that I did with Ainsley. However, I am carrying this little boy a lot lower and I gotta say...unless I'm just really forgetting things...I am WAY more uncomfortable than I was with the Bug. If you have the pleasure of spending any time with me in the next few weeks, you'll notice that I can't walk anymore. I have a full on waddle down!

The kid is crushing my pelvis which makes walking, sleeping, sitting, standing leaning, any position really, totally uncomfortable. I really enjoyed being pregnant with Ainsley, and I've enjoyed this pregnancy as well - a little less - but I have, none the less. And people who can't wait to get the kid out and do anything to accomplish that have always amazed me. But now, I understand. I am physically ready to have this child. I don't have much else ready, but I am ready to take my body back for a bit. I am ready to have a beer, I am ready to sleep without having a stuffed up nose, heartburn and hip cramps.

Ok, that's enough complaining Jaime! This is not why you read the blog. Let me give you some updates.

We had our 35 week appointment yesterday. Things are still going well, but for all the pressure on my pelvis, the baby's head is not in my pelvis and I am not dilated. Boo :( Also, my measurements took a big leap, so now I'm measuring at 38 weeks. Most likely the kid is not huge, probably just the same issue with Ainsley. He's not entering my pelvis and most likely won't. So in a few weeks we will probably schedule a C-Section for April 1. I am a little disappointed, but I'm fine with it. Just the way life goes I guess.

However, things are great. Baby is moving well, his heartbeat is good, I'm healthy. So those are all things to be thankful for.

In other baby news, my brother's girlfriend is dilated and will probably have her baby before her due date which is 3/12 (I think). I know they don't read this blog, so I'll show you guys what I made for them. (I'll post the picture when I can)

Aren't they cute? I really love being crafty...just don't really ever have time for it. I made these letters for Ainsley to hang over her crib, so now her little cousin will have them too. And I plan on making them for baby brother as soon as we decide on his name. Maybe we should just call him Baby Brother.

I'm very excited for them. It took my brother awhile to grow up, but I think he'll be a good dad.

Ainsley is doing great. It really is amazing how they just change and grow before your eyes. She is talking so clear these days and it almost happened over night. It's very rare that we can't make out what she's saying and even most strangers can understand her.

She is also becoming extremely independent. Last night she was in the bath tub and it was time to get out and she threw her normal "I don't want to get out" fit. So she says to me "Mommy, you doe to yiving woom." (Mommy, you go to the living room.) I told her no, that I was going to stay here and get her out of the tub and she says "Hmmmph, you never doe away!" (You never go away!) That's right, total attitude. Luckily, I'm too tired to let it hurt my feelings. Plus she gets over things pretty quickly, so 5 minutes later she was kissing me and telling me that I am her best friend.

She also now knows her full name...kind of. She thinks that "Bug" is part of her name. So she'll say her name is Ainsley Lynn Bug White or Ainsley Lynn White Bug. Very cute, but I guess we'll eventually have to break the truth to her.

She's doing really well in her big girl bed. I think afternoon naps are becoming a thing of the past. She'll still take one here and there, but it always makes for a rough bed time.

This coming weekend we are going to have a full house. My sister and mom are coming to go wedding dress shopping for my sister's wedding this fall. My sister's future in-laws are coming to go with us. My sister's fiance is coming to help put up the chair rail in the nursery. So hopefully I'll have new nursery pictures to post in a few days!

Hope everyone is having a good week...I know mine is feeling very long. I can't believe it's only Wednesday.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ainsley and Mommy Go to Church

So my whole plan to try and go to church more often has been derailed by jewelry shows, pregnancy, snow and illness. So I told myself that I would really try and go this weekend since Ainsley and I are by ourselves and I just figured it would be a good way to get our day started.

Ainsley was very excited to put on her pretty dress and go to church. I explained to her that she was going to go to little girl's church and play with other kids and a whole bunch of toys, while mommy went to big girl church. I had every intention of walking out the door at 9:10 to make it to the church less than a mile from our house, take her to the nursery, distract her and sneak away to the 9:30 service. Well, we all know where good plans go. Ainsley needed a diaper change, then a drink, then I forgot my phone...needless to say by the time we were pulling out of our driveway it was 9:22.

I hate being late and calling any attention to myself, especially in a large group of people that I don't know, so I decided to just take Ainsley to the service. I had books and fruit snacks and stickers and crayons, so I figured we'd be alright. And really, she did great...I was just super nervous and very aware of everything she said or did.

So here's how our morning went...

I wore a dress, which kept sticking to my tights, which kept falling down...being pregnant can be a major wardrobe malfunction in itself. Anyway, the skirt of the dress kept riding up especially while I was wearing my coat, so there I was trying to hold my dress down, carry the diaper bag and my purse and keep Ainsley from running away. Well somewhere along the way I look down, not holding my dress and I can't even see it...which means that I'm very sorry to the woman and her son who were walking behind us. I"m sure they saw more than they bargained least I had black tights on.

We get inside just in time for the service to start, which is good, because then I don't have to entertain Ainsley for any extra time. It also turned out that it was Youth Sunday. Which meant the youth groups led the church service. Also a good thing, because it meant lots of singing and not a lot of quiet time.

Everything went pretty well until Ainsley dumped her fruit snacks behind us and I was not really able to get to them, so the woman behind us picked them up. Then she dropped a crayon in the same spot. Again, the woman behind us picked it up.

It was right around this time that the youth group did a dance to one of the songs. Well, we all know how much Ainsley loves to dance. And if you can remember back to Disney on Ice and her wanting to get on the ice with Minnie Mouse, well same situation really. She got very excited and said "Mommy, my go dance with durls and boys." I explained that she could dance with me where we were. She started walking towards the aisle and I grabbed her arm. As loud as she could she said "NOOOOO Mommy! YET DOE MY ARM!!!!" (Let go of my arm.)

This was about the time that I couldn't take the stress of it anymore. There was only about 15 minutes left, so I decided to go.

I know I shouldn't get so worried about it. No one around us seemed to mind, but it just stresses me out. Next time I will definitely be better about getting out of the house sooner and getting her to the nursery.

Sorry no pictures, Clif has the camera with him.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Poor little Ainsley took quite a spill this morning in our kitchen. She loves to help let the puppies in and out and she runs just about everywhere she goes.

So I got a call from Clif this morning telling me that she had two fat lips because she had fallen on the kitchen floor while doing just those things.

He gave her a Popsicle to ease the pain and swelling and then he sent me these two pictures. I don't think they look too bad...

I think it scared her (and daddy) more than anything.

Ainsley and I are flying solo this weekend. Daddy will be at Uncle Cam's Bachelor party in Atlantic City from Friday night until Monday. I'm hoping to get a lot of quality time with Ainsley since it won't be long before she'll have to share mommy and daddy.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

No More Snow Please

Okay, so I'm totally over all the snow. Definitely ready for spring. Actually, as I was putting my shoes away today I looked at my flip flops longingly. I so bad want nice warm weather.

However, I did take Ainsley out today...yes in her ghetto-fied snow gear. I refuse to buy snow equipment...the minute I do we won't see snow for 5 maybe I should :)

We managed to build a snow man. It was actually pretty fun since it was so warm out. Neither of us even got cold and frozen like last time we played in the snow. So I guess I can deal with a little snow if it's 45 degrees out. Doesn't bode well for the life span of Mr. Snowman though. His face has completely fallen off already.

We got the dogs out as well. Brinkley, who hates riding in the car and really only goes out the front door when he has to get in the car, was petrified and peed on the carpet and all over the snow. We tried to trick him by taking him around back but he really wouldn't leave the fence.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and you don't have to work like I do tomorrow. Have fun watching the super bowl. I love Peyton, but I think I'm rooting for the Saints. How can you not really?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Have You Met the Next American Idol?

She'll be touring with the Broadway show "The Lion King" this summer.

Move over Beyonce...

...there's a new Sascha Fierce in town!

The Nursery is Coming Along

Well once again the snow has ruined my jewelry party plans for the weekend. But the bright side is that the nursery is PAINTED!!!! Yay! It's not done, but the painting is over.

We started Friday night by pulling all the furniture out of the room, taking down the switch plates and drawing a line around the center of the wall. We're putting a chair rail up so we decided to do two colors.

If you know me, you know that I LOVE brown. And I really adore chocolate brown. I really think it's the perfect color. It looks good on everyone, it goes with everything and it gives everything a very finished, classy look. So when I found out I was having a boy, I knew that chocolate brown would be a part of the nursery. I'm not really in to the traditional pinks and blues. It's not that I don't like them, it's more that I don't want that to be the overwhelming color in a room. We picked out a nursery set that is brown, green and tan. My initial thought was to paint the nursery brown...but considering I have dark furniture and the room is already kind of small, I figured that was a bad idea. Enter the chair rail idea. I could paint half the wall brown and the other half something much lighter. So we went with brown and white.

Anyway, Friday night we did a lot of prep so we could hit the ground running this morning. Ainsley even got in on the action with finger paints. I put her in one of my old T-shirts. She had fun but it did not hold her attention for very long. Which meant we would have trouble on Saturday trying to paint and entertain her.

This morning we set Ainsley up with some movies in the crowded office (we moved all the furniture in there) and we got to work. I was really thinking we'd just get the brown up and save the white for tomorrow or later this week. However, our good friends Jeff and Amy came over to help and we were finished with it all by 1 PM!

Now, all that's left is the chair rail which will be done by Clif, Jeff and my future brother-in-law, Mike in a few weeks.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sometimes I am a bad mom...

Sometimes I'm a bad mom. Like when Ainsley wants me to dance with her and I'm too tired or too cumbersome these days to get off the couch. And sometimes I don't give her the most healthy meals. And sometimes she doesn't get enough exercise or watches too much TV. However, I think some of the people who write "How to raise kids" books don't know what they're talking about and don't work full time and don't have a husband looking for a job and aren't pregnant and maybe don't actually have a strong willed 2 year old, etc, etc, etc.

However, it really makes me sad when as a parent, you really try to do something right and it goes very wrong. That makes you feel really guilty.

While we were snowed in this past weekend, I tried to take the opportunity to potty train Ainsley a little more. She does so well with number 1. If she could just pee and nothing else, the child would be potty trained. However, number 2 is a whole other story. When she has to go she asks to wear a diaper. So this past weekend, I told her "No, you need to go on the potty." And we had this whole talk about big girls going #2 on the potty. I kept her in underpants all day Sunday, and she never went on the potty. When I did put her in a diaper so we could run a few errands, I told her "Now Ainsley, you have to keep your diaper clean." So every time I asked her if she had to go, she'd say "No, my diaper keen. Ony on potty." So I thought it was really sinking in.

However, I was so wrong. Poor child got so constipated from holding it that I felt like absolute dirt last night watching her try and "work it out." Anyone who knows Ainsley, knows that she is a happy little girl. She rarely cries, and when she does it's not for long. Poor baby cried her little heart out last night. I felt so bad. And I realize my intentions were good, but now I know that I went about it all wrong.

We all make mistakes as parents. Just like we all make mistakes as friends, or wives, or husbands, or's just so sad that this little person has to bear the brunt of those mistakes sometimes.

Well now I know.

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