Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ainsley's Day

Ainsley: So...How was your day?

This question always makes me smile.  I flash back to this little tiny baby, now trying to participate in the grown up world by asking such a grown up question.

It was fine, Ainsley.  How was your day?

Umm, it was fine.  But Miss 'Onya and Linda and Deba dot sooo mad at me and Telly.

I glance up at the rear view mirror.  She is staring at the head rest in front of her, already re-engrossed in Aladdin.

Ainsley?  Why did they get mad at you and Kelly?


I wait.  No response.

Because why?

Ainsley does not yet understand "why?"  Her brain, though always working and moving around some new piece of information, does not quite wrap around the idea of consequences and cause and effect.  When you think about it, "why?" can be pretty tough even for a grown up.  To explain the reason for something is not always simple.

Because.  She continues to look at the small TV in front of her.

Ainsley...Because is not an answer.  Did they get mad because you were bad?


Again, I wait for an explanation that does not come.

Well, what did you do? I finally ask.

Umm, me and Telly just run and get water so we feel better and then we det soooo bizzy.

And your teacher's got mad because you got water and got dizzy?


Did you spill the water?


Did you throw water on Kelly?


Did you do this while you were supposed to be napping or having quiet time.


So why did they get mad?

Deep sighs come from the back seat.  She meets my gaze in the rear view mirror.  If she knew how to roll her eyes, this would be the perfect opportunity.  Instead she gives me her newest look.  The one that says "I can not believe I was born to such an idiot mother.  Why do you insist on bothering me so?"

I already told you.  BE - CAUSE!

Because why? I'm not really sure why I don't just end this now.  My curiosity is just too big, but my frustration button is definitely stuck.

Mommy?  Do you know what because means?

Did she really just say that?
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