Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Think He May Be the ONE...

Every family has "the ONE."  The ONE that's always in trouble, the ONE that's always in the ER, the ONE that's always up to no good.

I think Freddie may be our "ONE."  I love him to death, but the child is down right rotten.  He has such a temper and he's pretty much "yelling" at me or someone all the time.  Don't get me wrong, the boy is sweet and cuddly and cute as all get out...but he is demanding and rough and tough.

He's a boy...all boy.

He'll toddle over to me and put his arms in the air and say "a muma, a muma," and if I don't respond in what he believes to be a timely fashion - like 3, maybe 4 seconds - he starts growling and grunting.


Louder and louder until I do as he asks.  Then he lets out a giant squeal and cuddles up to my chest.  So how can you not love that?

And he hits.  And bites.  And smacks.  And pulls.  All the while with that big, mischevious grin on his chubby little face.  I take his hand and say "soft, gentle, soft, gentle" while stroking whatever, or whomever, he was beating a moment before.  He laughs and scoots away.

Also, he's always falling, tripping, climbing, bumping, etc, etc.  Remember this post?

But he's just so stinking cute, you can't help to fulfill his every want and desire.

This boy is TROUBLE. 

Speaking of the big grin...

Why yes, that is a chipped tooth.

Don't ask, because I don't know.

Heaven help me...
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