Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer Flies

Is it seriously August?  I always look so forward to summer.  No strict school/homework schedule.  We kind of bail on extra activities to free up our evenings.  But between different camps and visits with relatives and family reunions and beach trips and weddings...the summer just flies by.

I think I last wrote on Cohen's birthday and so much has happened since then.  SO MUCH!!

Let's see.  We went to the beach.  It was not our typical beach trip with extended family, in a big house, in South Nags Head, for a whole week.  Instead it was 5 days, in a hotel, in Kill Devil Hills.  And it was just the 5 of us.  It was nice to have a vacation with just us.  Not that we don't love the big family trips, those are awesome.  But it was low key and relaxing to just do our own thing for a few days.  It was expensive, since we had to pretty much eat out every meal.  The hotel was, ehh.  I guess what you get with a beach hotel.  The beach was crowded.  But we had such a great time.  We had one day where the water was so calm and shallow that the kids played all day and there was no worry about waves or riptides.  We played putt putt and ate crab legs and drove bumper boats and had fun drinks.  I would have loved for it to last a few more days.

Then we celebrated Ainsley's 9th birthday.  I'm not even sure how that is possible.  She is growing up so fast and everyday I'm slapped in the face with the realization that she's that much closer to being a teenager and an adult.

We are skipping parties this year so we took a couple of friends to Chuck E Cheese and then out for ice cream.  Then we had dinner at a hibachi place.

Next we headed to North Carolina for our annual family reunion.  My dad is one of 7 siblings.  The alternate locations every year so the planning falls on each of them once every 7 years.  My dad is not in the best position to throw a family reunion for 50 people, so my sister and I took it on this year.  I got to spend the whole week with my two nephews (one of them just a few weeks old) and my sister.  And we shopped and cooked and cleaned all in preparation for the arrival of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  The reunion was great and I think everyone had a great time.

Then Monday it was back to camps and work and reality.  And back to a big decision that we had to make.  Let me take a step back.

About three weeks ago the organization I work for presented me with a non disclosure/non compete agreement.  Originally they had wanted it signed  by the following Friday.  Due to questions and issues, it got put off a few times.  I spoke to a lawyer and some HR people and some recruiters about the document.  And here is what I gathered from all of that.  It was enforceable and it was very broad.  It would have definitely limited my employment opportunities after I chose to leave my job.  It would have also limited my employability if I was let go from my job.  Usually these types of agreements are given to high level people (which I am not) and are used to deter the sharing of proprietary information (which I don't have).  It is also usually presented upon employment and can be used to negotiate pay and severance packages.  The organization would not even consider a bonus or a pay raise tied to it.

Monday was the deadline for signing and I chose not to sign.  I was then told that I was no longer employed with the organization.

So boom!  I am unemployed.  Yesterday was a tough day, but I think that had more to do with my lack of sleep than not having a job.  Today is better.  But it is a strange feeling, not having work to do.   I've either been working or in school since I was 15.  And to be basically fired?  Wow.  That's new too.  I've never left somewhere like that.  I'm friends with all of my old employers and coworkers.  Seems like that won't be happening this time.  Supervisors are not so happy with me.  The organization apparently couldn't care less about me.  But it is what it is and I don't regret my decision at all.  I'd rather take my changes now without restriction than sign a document that would completely tie my hands.

It's hard to know what to do with myself, but I will work out and clean my house and do some projects I haven't had time for and look for something new.  From the very start of all of this I've felt like it's one of those "a door shuts but a window opens" situations.  I've been looking to leave my job for awhile, but haven't managed to gain the nerve to do it.  So really, though it's hard to be so idle, I'm glad and I'm not worried.  I know I'll figure something out.

And that about catches you up on all the happenings.
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