Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pretty Toes

I sit in the small green chair with my feet planted firmly on paper towels.  I know I'm just asking for a mess, and Clif shakes his head when he hears "yes" escape from my lips.  I just hate always saying no.  Sometimes life is messy and you just have to embrace it so your 3-year-old can have a little fun.

But nail polish?  Maybe we shouldn't go there yet.

Ainsley leans over my unkempt toes with the polish bush held tightly in her unskilled hand.  The bright pink drips from the brush and lands on the paper towel.  Paper towels?  Good idea.  Bright pink nail polish?  Well...

She works quietly for a few minutes.  I resist the urge to correct her or instruct her.  If I'm going to let this happen, I need to just let it all go and let her do her thing.

"Ooops."  She looks up at me.

I look down and see that she has missed my nail completely and painted my knuckle.  I smile and say, "It's okay.  Keep going."

She does and I don't hear another word out of her until it's done.

"Dare you doe mommy.  Is it pretty?"

I giggle and say "It's the best pedicure I've had in a long time."

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