Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maybe the Plumber Caused the Flood...

Last fall I bought Ainsley some new clothes.  Jeans, shirts, dresses, etc.  I bought most things on sale, which is normal for me.  I don't spend a lot on things like that.  I can't spend a lot on things like that.  Eighteen months of unemployment will drastically alter your budget on things like that.

All of the pants I bought Ainsley are too short now.  As I was dressing her this morning and her jeans brushed between her shin and ankle, I wondered if it was warm enough to roll them and pass them off as capris?  Probably not.  So the poor child looks like she's awaiting the spring flood season with anticipation.

I have two problems...

First, I'm pretty much broke most of the time.  And when we do have free money, it usually is already allotted to something.  Which I guess makes it not free.  So it's pretty hard to carve out even $50 for a new wardrobe.  I can remember wearing hand-me-downs and too small clothes as a child and I so often complained to my mother.  But my parents were also broke most of the time.  So mom...I'm so sorry.  I know you must have hated hearing it and not having the money to fix it.  Ainsley doesn't even complain and I feel bad about it.

Second, they do not make clothes for a child of Ainsley's dimensions!  At least not where I shop.  So listen up children's fashion world...not all children are plump.  Ainsley is tall and skinny.  Her 3T jeans are all at least an inch too short on her...yet they fall off of her.  So not only does the child have highwaters, she also has plumber crack!  So I can't very well buy her 4T.  They'll be even wider.

I guess I see a lot of dresses in our future.

Happy St. Patty's Day all!  Ignore the short pants and focus on the cute socks and bows.

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