Monday, September 29, 2008

Hail To The Redskins!!!

The Redskins beat the Cowboys yesterday, and if you are a Redskins fan, you know what that means. Whoop, whoop!!! Down with Dallas, Hail to the Redskins!

We had a very busy weekend. Lots of fun, but very busy. Friday night I picked up Ainsley and we went to meet my friends Carrie and Anna for dinner. Carrie's daughter, Addie, is just 8 days younger than Ainsley.

Saturday was a friend's baby shower. A bunch of us were there with the little ones. We were able to get a few pictures.

and Grayson

were born within a few months of each other. Their mom's, Carrie and Shanna, were two of my closest friends in college. So it was nice to be pregnant with them. It's so great when we get them all together. The only sad thing is that Shanna lives 3 hours from here and Carrie lives 2 hours. With full time jobs and toddlers, it is tough to ever get them together. It was great to have them all together on Saturday. They still don't really play together, but it's fun for the mommies.

Saturday night we went to a 4 year old's birthday party where there were loads of kids, all right around Ainsley's age. She had fun running around with all the little people. And she loved "driving" the jeep.

Sunday we went to celebrate NonNon's birthday and attend church where she was being honored for starting the Bell Choir.

We went to lunch and Ainsley showed off for the family. She was in rare form, and NonNon fed her ice cream.

So now another week underway...I'm still looking for a new job but no luck yet. Also, Ainsley slept through the night twice this weekend! Amazing. I think it may have to do with the fact that I stopped nursing last week. I decided it was time...I think it may have been harder on me then it was on her. I don't know, she still has her moments. I am a little sad...not to stop nursing, I think I was ready for that...but because she's not a baby anymore.

PS: This picture is for you Poppa.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ainsley and Gatsby

Nothing much to report, but here are some pictures I took tonight of Ainsley and Gatsby. Enjoy!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Just some silly pictures to make you smile...

So, finally, things are slowing down a bit at work and I'm actually starting to feel like a normal person again. Maybe now I will have a little free time for blogging.

I want to start out by giving you a quick update...

I don't think I every updated you on the ENT visit. It was decided that Ainsley does not need tubes, yet, maybe never. The doctor believes she will grow out of it and thinks we should give it a few months before making a decision. Since then, Ainsley's been sick twice. Luckily no ear infections...knock on wood.

My mom came for a visit a few weeks ago and we took Ainsley to the park. Here are a few pictures from that day.

The other night we took Ainsley to play with a little girl who is almost exactly a year older than her. She had a blast. She's really starting to play with other kids rather than just take their toys and playing on her own. They were running around the back yard, giggling and jumping on this little baby trampoline. It was very cute, I couldn't believe how grown up she was. That night Ainsley had her very own milk shake which she LOVED!!!

In general, she is just changing every single day. She talks and laughs...everyday it's something new. For instance, here is what she did tonight...hysterical!

Well, that's it for now. I've got to get to bed...I'm totally exhausted. Should be able to update this more this week.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just Checking In

Sorry friends, still busy, still trying to keep all the balls in the air. Good news is, I think I'm starting to see the end of the tunnel at work. It's just a tiny little pinprick of light, but I think it's there.

My mom visited last weekend and we had a lot of fun, I'll fill you in with pictures this coming weekend, and hopefully next week will get a little better. Maybe someday I'll actually have a clean house. We'll see.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Little Piggy

Tonight when we got home, Ainsley was really hungry. Actually, she's hungry just about any time of the day, even though she eats plenty at meal times. Well, we are not so good about closing the pantry door and she knows just where her snacks are. Right now she is on a cheesy poof kick. Don't worry, I'm not feeding my 14 month old cheesy poofs, but Gerber makes these things called Lil Crunchers, or maybe Lil Crispers, and the cheese flavored ones taste just like cheesy poofs. So she brings a brand new can over to me. I know Clif is going to be a little late, so dinner will be a little late and her last snack was at 2, so I decide to give her some. I fill a cup with them and she sits down to eat them and drink her milk.

Well, here is a picture of her about 15 minutes later finishing the can!!! Yes, she ate the entire can, and in not that much time! Then she proceeded to eat most of her dinner. I have quite a little piggy on my hands. No wonder her pants are getting too short, she is growing, growing, growing.

Later on we were playing in her room and here's a video I took. It cracked me up, I hate the way I sound laughing on film, I hope I don't really sound that way. Don't tell me if I do.

Also, Ainsley has started "singing" the 5 little monkey's song. It's so funny, and I'm trying so hard to get it on film, but she never wants to cooperate. I'll keep trying.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Catching up with the Whites

Hello we are back again. It's been such an insane month. August just flew by and I'm not even sure where it went. I can't believe summer is almost over and fall is just around the corner. It makes me a bit sad, but I also think next summer I will not be in this position. Not sure what position I'll be in yet, but I swear it will not be working at my horrible job that I currently have.

So, let me catch you up. I think the last time I really wrote about anything was the weekend Ainsley spent with Nanny and Poppa while Clif and I went to a wedding. Well that was a month ago, so this will probably be a long post...put your reading hat on :)

So as you all know from reading this, my job has been totally crazy. And it is making me totally crazy. For instance, right now it is 9:20 on Sunday night and I feel like vomiting because I have to go to work tomorrow. I literally feel ill, and I know that tomorrow morning driving in I will feel even worse. I actually have to remind myself that we need my salary so I don't just tell them all to go to you know where. Another example of the craziness, I'm unbearable to live with, except for the weekends. I think I'm pretty likable then. Ask Clif, recently I have been a you know what that rhymes with witch when I get home at night. It just sucks, every day I work and work and work and feel like I make no dent in the things I needed to accomplish. So then I work through lunch and stay late to try and get things done, to get organized for the next day so it will be better then the current day. Then I walk in the door that next day and all that just flushes down the toilet. Every day is worse than the one before...seriously, I'm really not exaggerating. All of this has led us to make a decision. As most of you know, I am training to be a medical transcriptionist so hopefully I can spend more time at home with Ainsley. Well, also if you know me, you probably know that I'm not much of a risk taker. So as I make my way further through the class, I've realized that I'm really nervous about the idea of just quiting my job and doing this thing I've never done before, not sure how much money I will really make. So I came to the conclusion that I would just stay in my job and do that on the side to 1 - build up my confidence and ability and 2 - stock away some extra money. However, the last month has told me that I CAN NOT stay in my job much longer if I want to remain sane and married :) So, I am officially on the job market. I re-wrote my resume today and started posting to job sites. I just have to get out of that place, I can't take it anymore. So, if anyone knows of any good leads, hook a sister up!

Ok, so now you understand a little better why I've been so MIA the last few weeks. Now we can move on to Ainsley Bug. I know that's why you're really here anyway :)

Ainsley is becoming more of a little girl every day. She is starting to talk. I mean, probably most people would not know what she's saying, but living with her, I do...sometimes. For instance, she says dinner "ninner", Gatsby "Bapby", eyes "ah", nose "na", mouth "moe", toes "T", belly button "babun"...just to name a few. Oh, and we can't forget one of her favorites - "Na na na." I'm sure you can all figure out what that means. She now runs, walking is so five minutes ago. Today we played outside with a ball in the cul-de-sac. I'm glad we live on a cul-de-sac, because Ainsley has no issue with running away from me into the street. She also climbs on everything...the ottoman, the end table, the couches, etc. And today she walked up a couple of stairs, not crawled, walked, like a grown up. My little baby is definitely gone.

Oh, I wanted to give you an update about the ENT. No tubes necessary at this time. Doctor said they don't usually push for tubes until the child has 4 ear infections in 6 months. Ainsley has had 3, so she's borderline. He explained the whole procedure to me and never, ever tried to push me one way or the other. So it was a relief. We've decided to wait a few months and see how the fall/winter goes. He seems to think she'll grow out of it, and probably does not need them. He said most kids benefit from them, but if she only gets a couple more, it's probably not worth it. So, I was glad we went and got that all figured out for now.

Since I last wrote, we've been very busy socially as well. Clif and I went to another wedding at the end of August, so Ainsley stayed with Nanny and Poppa again. They just adore her, it's so sweet. It's just the most wonderful thing when people love your baby. The weekend after that was Labor day weekend. We travelled down to visit my parents. Clif drove us down where we met my mom, who took us to her house. Clif continued on to Wilmington to participate in his yearly fantasy football draft. He met us at my parents house on Sunday.

At my parents house we took Ainsley to the beach, which turned out to be a bit of a disaster. I couldn't get her to take a nap before hand so she was very tired. Plus we realized later that night/the next morning that she was coming down with a cold. We stayed at the beach for maybe a half an hour. Ainsley immediately rubbed her eyes and got sand/lotion/salt water in them, which made her miserable, so we headed to the outdoor showers and then back to the car. She hated the outdoor shower, but I had to get the crap out of her eyes, so she just screamed. We weren't even out of the parking lot when she was passed out asleep in the back seat. So we drove down the coast to visit my dad at work, which takes about 40 minutes. After visiting Grandpa we headed to lunch.

We ate lunch at this little place on a canal, I think it was a canal, definitely man-made, but it was water with ducks and turtles. So after lunch we went out to look at the animals. Ainsley liked pointing at them and just saying "Da! Da!" However, there were also pigeons around. She was ok with them until they came near her. These birds are not afraid of people because I'm sure they get fed all the time. They were walking right up to her, and she was backing right up into me saying "Ehhh, ehhhh, ehhhh!" Then as soon as I'd pick her up she'd start pointing and saying "Da! Da!" again.

That night we went to visit my brother and his girlfriend at his new house. He had a cook out and Ainsley played with a 5 year old that was there. She just loves big kids.

Sunday, Clif joined us and we took him out to eat at a Japanese steak house for his birthday. Ainsley did OK. We were nervous, and she ended up coming down with a cold that day, so for not feeling great and being 13 months at a very long dinner, she did excellent. I think maybe in another year she'll really enjoy it. It's one of Clif and my favorite dinners, so I hope she likes it. I don't want her to be afraid of it.

My mom and dad are just crazy about Ainsley. I know my mom especially was really looking forward to the weekend. I'm glad we could go.

This past weekend we got to see our friend's Julie and Todd and their little baby Katherine. She is just 2 months old. She's so cute. Ainsley was very fascinated by her. She held her a few times, but once she'd cry Ainsley would push her away. Just like she did with Lucy a few weeks ago.

And that catches you up! Here are some random pictures from the last week.

Ainsley wearing her first pair of designer jeans. Thank you Grandma and Aunt DeeDee!

Ainsley playing in the pack n play at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Ainsley with crazy hair on Saturday morning!

Ainsley trying to use a spoon to eat her eggs.

Ainsley wearing a hat from my dad's new auto shop.

This coming weekend (I just live for weekends now: no work, no travelling, just doing stuff at home), my mom is coming to visit. I think Clif and I are going with some friends to see Pat McGee play. I haven't seen him forever, so it should be a good time.

Ok, well, that about does it. I'll update as much as I can this week...I never know what work's going to be like these days.

Oh, P.S. Happy Birthday Poppa!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yes, I am still alive...

Sorry all, my life is a complete hectic mess right now. No time for blogging whatsoever!!! Just wanted to drop a quick line. Work is kicking my behind these days. I'm lucky to get out of there at a reasonable time. Then sometimes I have to come home and work more. If I'm not working I'm trying to work on my class. If I'm not doing that then I'm in bed sick with a cold. So that's my life in a, sleep, work, sleep, work sleep. Ainsley has been sick, I'm getting over it and Clif is just starting it. Crazy times here.

Hopefully I will have a little free time this weekend between working on my class, catching up with my actual real job, and cleaning my house - which by the way is a complete disaster like nothing I've ever seen before. Seriously, my living room is a nightmare. Horribly cluttered with packed bags from the long weekend. Please no one come to my house, I'd have to lock you out!

All right, gotta go to bed now so I can get up and do it all over again tomorrow. When I do find the time, I promise a nice long read with lots of pics.

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