Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day Clif

Yesterday (I wanted to do this last night, but you know, stuff got in the way) was Clif's first father's day, and I think he really enjoyed himself. I woke up early and ran to the store to get a big breakfast feast. We had eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, toast, hash browns, juice and coffee. It was quite an adventure trying to get it all to come out at the same time, and I realized I do not have large enough skillets. Oh well, we don't do that very often.

After breakfast we just kind of hung around the house, cleaned up, tried to get Ainsley to nap, normal weekend stuff. Clif got to open his presents...Guitar Hero for the Wii (I actually gave that to him on Saturday night) and a polo shirt that says "Ainsley's Daddy" on the left breast area.

That afternoon, we got ready and went out for Clif's surprise. Miniature golf and dinner at Maggiano's. Miniature golf was interesting with Ainsley. In my mind's eye, we were the only people there so it didn't matter if Ainsley wanted to sit in the middle of the putting green or play with all the balls. That wasn't exactly the case, but it went pretty well. It was a really nice little golf course with water fountains and rocks everywhere. Ainsley did pretty well. Unfortunately, her body temperature is just like Clif's...he's hot, most of the time. I think I'm pretty normal. I was pretty comfortable, but poor Ainsley's little cheeks were so red, and she was sweaty. So when we finished we sat in some Adirondack chairs in the shade for about a half an hour.

Next we went to Short Pump and walked around the mall a bit before our 6PM reservation. We were seated just before 6 and ordered our food about 15 minutes later. I asked them to please bring Ainsley's as soon as it was ready...I knew the poor girl was starving. Well, Ainsley's came, but ours never did. Ainsley was just about done eating by the time we were able to flag down a manager and have him check on our food. Apparently, the order was never put in. So we got our food, and Ainsley did surprisingly well for a very tired little bug. And, they made up for it. Free desert and 50% off the bill...way more than I expected. Way better than Samsung! See, I don't mind mistakes, and I can understand when things don't always go correctly, but if you're responsible, take responsibility...that's all I'm saying. More on that in a moment.

All in all, it was a very nice day.

Ok, the resolution of the guys really aren't going to believe this. So last I wrote about this, the guy was supposed to come Thursday night around 9 or 10, but at the time I wrote it was 10:30 and still no word. Well no surprise, he didn't show up. Clif called first thing the next morning and was told that "Dylan" was in an attic at the Girl Scouts Camp working on an AC unit until 1 in the morning and by the time he saw what time it was, it was 11:30 and he didn't want to call. Thanks Dylan! But he could be at our place by 9 am. So Clif called me and I'm going to leave work to meet him. Well, it is about 8:40 when Clif calls again to say "Have you left, well don't, the guy is having chest pains." Ok, but wait...instead of just sending someone else, he really wants to be the one to take care of it since we've had so many issues, so he'll stop by ON HIS WAY TO THE HOSPITAL! WHAT?!?!?! Are you kidding me...please go to the freaking hospital and don't keel over of a heart attack in my kitchen! I'm really not trying to be cold hearted, but it was with this latest incident that Clif and I decided that we really do have bad luck. I'm not saying we aren't blessed and I'm not saying that the good lord hasn't provided for us...all I'm saying is that our luck pretty much stinks. Do any of you remember the wedding cake incident? Remember how we got the wrong cake and when we tried to get it resolved we got the run around for months because the owner, and apparently the only person who can stroke a check in the joint, had died of cancer? Yeah! So that is playing through my cake all over again. Especially since the guy owed us money for the part that he couldn't get, but we got. (Remember the part in the secret warehouse that can't ship to us?)

Ok, this is getting too finally about 6PM some guy...not Dylan (because Dylan was knocked out by the doctors and sent home...see they overheard him talking about coming to work after his heart attack scare and drugged him, yes it's very ethical)...shows up to fix the fridge. He's in and out in approximately 11 minutes. Sweet! Wish I could make 260 bucks in 11 minutes.

So, the fridge is fixed...hopefully. We lost most of the food. We tried desperately to salvage it, but in the end I'm not eating grayish-reddish meat, even if it has been cold. We won't know for sure if it's fixed until it has time to accumulate frost again, which would be about a week. So Friday if you hear about someone blowing up Samsung Headquarters and "Dylan"'ll know ;)
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