Wednesday, April 20, 2011

According to Ainsley #1 - The Birds and The Bees

"Mommy?" Ainsley questions from the back seat.

"Yes, Ainsley?"

"How will my baby sister get in your belly?" she asks.

"What?" I respond, more because I need to stall rather than I didn't hear what she said.  I have to admit, I'm shocked to be getting this question right now because first, I'm not pregnant, so why is this on her mind and second, I could have never imagined that she'd ask this at 3 1/2 years old.  My mom says I was 5 when I asked, so I should be granted another year and a half before I have to tackle this question.

"How does my baby sister get in your belly?" she repeats.

"Well," I begin, "When there is a Mommy and Daddy and they love each other very much, then sometimes they make a baby and the baby lives in the mommy's belly until it's ready to come out."

I glance in the rear view mirror, hoping there are not follow up questions.

She goes on, "Mommy, I want a baby sister.  I do not want a baby brother anymore."

Phew.  "Well, Ainsley.  You're going to have a baby brother for the rest of your life.  Forever and ever Freddie is going to be your baby brother.  Maybe one day you will have a baby sister.  Ainsley?  Would you like me to tell you a story?"


"Once upon a time there was a Mommy and a Daddy and they loved each other very much and they had a little girl named Ainsley."  Her smile grows by miles at the mention of her name.

"One day, the mommy said to Ainsley 'Mommy has a baby in her belly.  Do you want it to be a baby sister or a baby brother?" and Ainsley said 'baby bruder' and the family had a baby brother named Freddie."

I stop at a red light and glance back.  Ainsley is not smiling and seems to be pondering the story.  Then she looks at me, her big blue eyes narrow, her thick pink lips tighten.

"Mommy!  When I was a baby sister I wanted to have a baby brother, but now I am a big girl and I want to have a baby sister!"

"Ainsley, you..."

"I know Mommy!  I am not a baby sister anymore, I do not want to talk about this story anymore."  With that she throws her arms across her chest and directs her glare to the window.

Well alright then!
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