Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy Weekend

Some of you get to hear plenty about my job, others probably don't even know what I do. Even others probably hear plenty and still don't know what I do. That's cool, it's really not that exciting. Well, one of the really frustrating things about my job is all of the sudden BAM I can be so busy I can't even breath, then just as quickly NOTHING. So today I am in the world of nothingness. Lucky for you, cause now I have time to blog.

This weekend was very busy, and a lot of fun. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't very relaxing. But it was fun. First of all, we went to go see Ainsley's newest little friend in the hospital. Her name is Lucy and she was just one day old when we met her. So tiny. I can't even believe Ainsley used to be that tiny...but she was. Lucy is the second child of our very good friends Corey and Jill. We are so excited for them and her big sister Charlotte. I stood there holding this tiny little baby and looking at Ainsley practically running around the hospital room and I can't believe it's only been a year...and in the same moment, I can't believe a year is gone already! It's the strangest feeling. Most things you feel either drag on or speed by. With Ainsley, it's kind of both. I have to try really hard to remember my life before her, but I can't believe she'll be 1 in 2.5 weeks.

Unfortunately we did not bring the camera, so we do not have any I'm not sure her parents want her on the Internet, I'd have to ask them first.

Friday night/Saturday morning I did my normal run around the house and clean as much as possible before 1) someone arrives or 2) we go out of town. I feel like I really got the house nice and clean this weekend. I even cleaned bathrooms which I freaking hate, but must be done. Even more amazing, I cleaned mine and Clif's bedroom. That is the room in the house that never gets cleaned. Crap just gets thrown in there and the door gets shut. Very sad, because it's supposed to be a nice, relaxing place. Instead it is usually covered with clean clothes on one side of the room and dirty clothes on the other side. Plus Gatsby loves to lay in our bed when we're not there, so our red velvet comforter is covered with black and white Gatsby hairs no matter how many times I wash it. So instead of going to bed and relaxing I usually walk in there and say "Oh, I hate this room, maybe I should sleep in my clean living room." And I wake up thinking "Ok, when can I clean this, tonight...tomorrow...maybe I can run by during my lunch break..." But right now it is clean and all is right with the world...probably won't stay that way very long.

I also hung Ainsley's swing on Saturday, she was very excited to play in it. I got a couple of cute pics on Sunday. Saturday afternoon Clif's parent's showed up to babysit Ainsley while we went to the movies, dinner and a new bar in town. It was quite a big night for us. Poor Ainsley threw such a fit when we left. She was so tired and she doesn't like it when I leave. It's always a toss up every morning when I leave day care. I don't know if she'll wave and say "Ba, ba, ba" and blow me a kiss. Or scream and hold her breath while she follows me to the door. Saturday night was a scream and hold her breath kind of night. I know she was fine five minutes after we left though.

Clif and I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I like those movies, and I thought it was pretty good. I have to say, I am very disappointed in George Lucas's cop out ending though. I won't ruin it for those of you who haven't seen it, but let's just say anytime a writer throws this particular little plot point in, I feel like it's a big let down and completely without talent or original thought.

We had diner at Sakura, a Japanese steak house. We love Japanese steak houses and haven't been since before I was pregnant. I had diabetes during pregnancy so I couldn't eat there, and now I don't think Ainsley would do so great with a long dinner like that.

Finally we went to a new bar called Bar Louie. We just talked and watched some non married, no children, out on the prowl types try to hook up with each other. Very entertaining. We were home by 10...yes we are losers.

Ainsley was still awake because she had taken a nap from 5-7. Yeah, she never takes 2 hour naps for me! In her crib no less!

Sunday, Auntie Caitlyn came for a visit. Ainsley got to play with her and she showed us some new moves that Nanny had taught her...snapping her fingers. Ok, so it's really not snapping...but she's trying. Here's a video of that...

Then Sunday afternoon we brought out Ainsley's new wading pool. She got to put her bathing suit on for the first time. it is kind of big on her, so I think we'll have to get her a smaller one before we go to the beach. The pool attaches to the hose and water runs through this little canal and it sprays little fountains up in the air. She liked it for about 15 minutes, and then she was shaking her hands (baby sign for all done) and saying "Da, da, da" (that's done for all you non Ainsley speaking folks out there). I think it was a hit, I just think Ainsley doesn't do anything for longer than 15 minutes. I hope that's not a sign of ADD...I hope it just means shes interested in a lot of things.

Last night we were so tired we all (Gatsby included) climbed into our bed and watched a movie. I don't think I've been to bed that early in months.

And now here I am back at work...weekends are just too short. Luckily, 4th of July holiday and our vacation are just around the corner.
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