Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life Advice from Freddie

When you are standing at the computer table talking to mommy about your day and the newest baby in your class, make sure you hold on the whole time.  Talking with your hands is not recommended if you can't actually stand on your own.  If you let go, this might happen.
I'm not sure if you can make it out, but there's a little bruise on my forehead.
Also, if you're trying to climb on the end table while mommy's cooking dinner, even though she has moved you from it 7 times, said "NO" - whatever that means and distracted you with all of your toys, try and remember that you aren't actually tall enough or strong enough to get your legs that high yet.  If not, this might happen.

That wound on my nose should keep me safe on the play mat tomorrow.  I'll just tell them how bad the other guy looked.
Next, try and realize that you are not a puppy dog.  And even though the puppy dogs can drink water with their faces, you can not.  You will choke and cough and spill water all over the clothes that mommy has just dressed you in.  I'm pretty sure she doesn't like doing things over and over again.  I'm not really sure what else she has to do all day but hold me, but whatever...she didn't seem super happy about it.  Sorry, no picture of this one...but believe me it's really bad and water up your nose is not fun.

Finally, if you can, get yourself one of these.  She threw such a temper tantrum tonight that I'm pretty sure mommy will let me get away with just about anything as long as I stay cute and sweet and far, far away from that third birthday.  Plus, she's freaking funny - maybe I should rent her out.

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