Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile

Lately, I'm having trouble finding things to write about and I'm still not really feeling my normal self.  So to try and bring me out of my funk for today's post...because really I do not want to turn this into "oh poor pitiful me" blog - who wants to read that...I'm going to list the top 10 things that made me happy this week.

10 - It was 80 degrees on Monday!  And the 10 day forcast shows nothing below 51.  Whoo Hooo spring is FINALLY here!

9 - Clif and I started a new budget/financial plan and so far, 7 days in, I'm super psyched about it.  I think it's really going to work and half way through the pay period we are looking okay and not wondering how we will buy groceries next week.

8 - I started working a new schedule which requires me to be there at 7 (ouch!), but I get to leave at 3.  That means an extra hour or so with the kids each night.  And they spend less time in daycare.  And there's way less traffic.  Other than the waking up earlier, win, win!

7 - I got a free frappuccino at Starbucks Monday.

6 - At the playground, Ainsley tried to catch a bird.  She said "Birdie, don't fly away, I won't hurt you."  When the bird did, of course, fly away she turned and asked me, "Mommy, why doesn't the bird want to sit on my finger?  Can he sit on my finger when I am big and I have magic?"

5 - Freddie screaming "Mummma" from his highchair at daycare the moment I walk in the door.

4 - Watching my favorite version of Alice in Wonderland with Ainsley

3 - Freddie (dare I say it?) sleeping through the night all week!

2 - My horrible laundry monsters are finally clean and put away.

1 - Freddie loving on his sister every morning when he first sees her.  Freddie loving on me when I get to daycare.  Freddie loving on daddy when he walks in the door. 

Yes, I definitely feel better and I realize that I could have gone on.  Maybe I'll do this least until I can get back to normal.

Happy Hump Day All!
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