Wednesday, April 27, 2011

According to Ainsley #2 - Yeah, I'm Special

"Hey Mommy!" Ainsley says excitedly from the back seat.

"Yes, Ainsley?"

"I see a whale in the sky."

Caitlyn is sitting in the passenger seat next to me.  We are at a red light so we both look to the right at a cloud that could resemble a whale.

"Wow Ainsley!  I see that whale."

"Hey Teek, I see a turtle too."

Caitlyn smiles and says "Ainsley do you know that because you can see animals in the clouds, you are very special?"

"Yeah, I know" Ainsley chuckles from the back seat.

The light turns green and I turn onto the tree lined, two lane road.

Caitlyn continues, "Not all little girls can see whales and turtles in the clouds."

Ainsley looks out her window, bobbing her head up, down, left and right trying to get a better view.  She finally stops and sits back.

"I know Teek, the trees are in their way."
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