Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Party Time

This will be a quick post because it is 11 PM and I am just waiting on diapers to finish in the washing machine then I am going to bed.

We had Ainsley's Tinkerbell party on Saturday. She seemed to have a blast. I invited the kids to dress as fairies and pirates. We didn't get any pirates, but we did have a few little fairies show up.

This year was very stress free. Mostly because my mom and Charles cleaned my entire house on Friday while I was at work, I outsourced the cake and I kept the food to a minimum. I was actually sitting on the couch having a snack when the first guests showed up. Can you believe it?

The cake was amazing!! My friend Heather made it, and she is just so good! Click on her name to see her work.

For the first time we played games with the kids, thanks to Auntie Caitlyn. She came up with "Find a Pirate" and "Pin the wings on Tinkerbell."

All in all it was a good time and we got to spend some time with good friends and family.

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