Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Brother Update

Yesterday we had our 28 week appointment. We are officially in the third trimester. I can't believe he'll be here in just 11 weeks or so. Basically, I get very nervous before every appointment because I had some health issues with Ainsley, I just expect something to be wrong I guess. That's the worrier in me...no matter what I do or how hard I try I will always be a worrier.

Anyway, we got all good news. The doctor measured my stomach and I am measuring perfectly between 28 and 29 weeks...that means that so far no crazy big baby. With Ainsley I always measured about 3 weeks ahead, now in hindsight, we think that's because she never made it to my pelvis. Instead she tried to push out over my pelvis. So even though she was a normal sized baby, she measured larger because her head was in the wrong spot.

We are also in wait and see mode for scheduling a c-section. The doctor would prefer that I not go past my due date (April 1), but is willing to wait and see if I show signs of labor before scheduling anything. If I do show signs of labor, then she'll let me go and see what happens. If not, it's probably very likely that he is not dropping into my pelvis either. But she's very supportive about me trying to have a pregnancy/delivery that I'm happy with. I am so thankful for such a wonderful doctor. Clif and I met a young girl this past weekend who is so unhappy with her doctor and because she lives in such a small town she just doesn't really have any other option.

When I was pregnant with Ainsley I was so dead set against a c-section. I cried when the doctor mentioned it. This time, I know it's a possibility, but I'm glad she'll let me try the other way and if it doesn't work out, then I know we did everything possible to make it work out. Just life sometimes.

Life is pretty busy these days. We are trying to get the playroom cleaned out to move the nursery into. But that means we have to clean the office out and Ainsley's room out to make room for all the stuff that's in the playroom. My house is in utter chaos right now. We got Ainsley her big girl bed, but have not picked it up yet since the house is not really ready. My goal is to get it all done this week. I made some good progress last night, so hopefully I can keep the momentum going.

I'm also trying to book as many jewelry shows as possible to save money for maternity leave, so that is filling up my weekends. Not many of those left before we have two little munchkins in the house. Sometimes it all just seems really surreal.

Hope you all are having a good week, and the weekend gets here quickly.

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