Saturday, July 3, 2010

Swimming with Sharks

Clif was very busy with wedding events on Friday and Saturday, so I had the kiddos all to myself. Friday we spent a chunk of the day at the beach, but I left the camera at the house and it was really too much work to go get it with two kids in tow.

Saturday I decided to take them both to the local aquarium. I've been to a few NC Aquariums and this one really didn't match up. I expected a bit more. But still it was something fun to do.

I have no pics of Freddie in the aquarium because he slept in the baby wrap I was wearing the entire time. I was probably a sight to see with a diaper bag and camera on my shoulders, a baby strapped to my chest and chasing after a toddler.

Tomorrow I will update with all the wedding details...Finally right!
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