Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Best Friends

Those of you that know Gatsby, know that he is not really the cuddly pup. He is so hyper and loves to jump and run and play and tug on toys. He'll run laps in our back yard for an hour straight and when someone other than Clif or me enters the house he doesn't stop jumping until one of us physicaly holds him down. However, he is pretty gentle with Ainsley. I will not say that she is his favorite person in the house. And I won't say that he wouldn't prefer to still be the baby. However, he does seem to know that she is smaller and weaker than him. And I think that they will be best friends yet! The other night they were passing a ball back and forth. It was in Gatsby's mouth and Ainsley would grab it and he'd let go. No tugging what so ever. Those that know Gatsby are all gasping in disbelief. I could hardly believe it myself. Then Ainsley would put it back in Gatsby's mouth and they went back and forth like that for awhile.

Now tonight, Ainsley wanted Gatsby's big, deflated, red ball that just randomly showed up in our back yard and now seems to be his favorite thing. NO WAY! Gatsby was not having that. But he never growls or snaps, just moves to the other couch or runs out the screen door. He's such a good puppy. We love him.

So we are into one week of trying to get Ainsley to sleep in her own crib, and I have to slay it is slow moving. We have encountered a new obstical...throwing up...every single night...the moment I lay her in her crib. Now, it's hard to imagine that a baby could correlate throwing up with being taken out of her crib, however I'm beginning to think that's the issue. Clif said that's way to sinister for a baby. And I said, well, all she knows is what she wants. She doesn't know about right and wrong...she only knows that when she throws up mommy picks her up and takes her out of the nursery. Now, I'm not really sure that this is what's going on, because she has also been throwing up every morning around breakfast time. Breakfast time and bedtime are each 2 hours after she takes her antibiotic (for the strep throat). So that could be a contributing factor. However, she did throw up a couple of times this weekend when she was on a different antibiotic. (Yes, we went back to the doctor on Monday because she still had a fever and she had managed to get an ear infection on top of the strep throat, so obviously the antibiotic was not woking, so they switched it.) I am allergic to a wide range of anitbiotics, so it's not unlikely that Ainsley will encounter the same issues. But, I digress. The point is, every single night she pukes in her crib within seconds of me lying her down. Some nights I switch sheets, but some nights, like tonight, extra sheets are dirty and I'm so tired...probably because I spent close to 3.5 hours trying to get her to sleep longer than 15 minutes in her crib last night. Plus, this time it soaked through to the mattress cover, which I do not have extras of. I really don't know what to do. I'm feeling very down hearted about it right now...probably because I'm so tired. I'll call the doctor tomorrow and they'll probably say to bring her in...whoopee another copay for them to tell me she's got a virus or some other thing that they can't do anything about and have you tried just letting her cry?

Sorry, I'm ranting a bit. When I get this way, I try to tell myself "Jaime, just let her sleep with you. She's so little, and one day she won't want to sleep with you. One day, she won't want much to do with you at all. She'll only be little for such a short period of time." That always maks me feel better, see feel better already. I rationalize the fact that I can not get my child in her crib and I feel better. All's good :)

Oh well, this too shall pass I guess...and maybe I'll be sad when it does.
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