Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So Tired...

This is going to be short, because I'm pretty beat and I still have to make bottles before I go to bed. So just a quick update...good news, Ainsley is sleeping in her crib right now and she has only awoken once since 8:30. So far, so good. As of right now she's been in there for an hour asleep, I'm going to stop talking about it now so I don't jinx us! Oh my gosh, you're not going to believe this but she just started crying!!! I knew I shouldn't have written about it! Oh well, still an improvement over previous nights. Clif is on crib duty for a few nights, I've been putting a lot of time into the class. I actually think she responds better to him in that department. I think most things get more complicated with me because I'm nursing and she uses it as a comfort so that's what she always wants to do.

Another update, Ainsley started eating real food at daycare this week. That is exciting mostly because she is starting to cut out some of her bottles. I still pump ever day at work, twice a day, and my milk supply is just really dropping. Especially since she started eating table food. I am bound and determined to make it a year breastfeeding with no formula, so her cutting back is a good thing. Hopefully, soon it will just be morning and night and NO MORE PUMPING!!! YES!!! I love nursing...HATE pumping.

Ok, like I said, I'm so tired. So I'm done for now, off to bottle making then bed. Take care all my loved ones. I hope I get to see you all in person soon, not just in cyberspace. XOXOXOXO
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