Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bath Time

Here are some very silly pictures of Ainsley during bath time. The girl loves her bath. She has always loved it. I can remember being told in baby classes and in the hospital, that they scream during bath time because they're cold. I'm not going to say she never cried, but she definitely never screamed. She's always enjoyed it so much. One small problem is that I can not get her to sit down if she's decided to stand. I'm not really sure when babies start understanding the words that we say to them, but she either doesn't understand "No" or she chooses not to listen to me. Either is very possible. I'm pretty sure we have quite a little personality on our hands.
Nothing very exciting has happened this week, so I thought I'd just give some updates.
WALKING: Ainsley is booking along in this department. Last night I was standing at the stove making dinner and Clif was leaning against the island talking to me, while Ainsley played with a toy near the table. All the sudden Clif stopped talking and said "Look." I glance up to see Ainsley just trotting down the hall to her bedroom. I was so astonished by this. I mean, she's been walking here and there...but first of all, she's never walked that far. And second, it's like she had a purpose. Like she thought to herself, "I need to go to my room," and she did it. All of the sudden we have this real little person living with us who has likes and dislikes, wants and desires, opinions even...I guess it will be awhile before we hear them spoken, but she definitely makes herself heard! It's just crazy, but I won't say again how quickly time flies, because I think I mention that in ever post.
SLEEPING: I have to say, that I think we are making progress. She's a long way from sleeping through the night, but the last few nights have been better. I thought we were back to square one after being at my in-laws this weekend. She refused to go in the crib there, so she slept in our bed with us the whole weekend and barely took naps. She napped a few times while I was holding her for very short periods of time. However, this week has not been so bad in the sleeping department. She's going down fairly easy right around 8. She usually wakes up around 9:30 and I've been sending Clif in to soothe her. It seems quicker and easier for him. I think nursing has something to do with my problem. After that she's been sleeping for a couple of hours. So, we are taking steps in the right direction. They are little tiny baby lady bug steps, but steps none the less.
Ainsley also had a third tooth come through this week. I noticed the white nub this past weekend, but it finally broke through yesterday. It's her top right tooth, and her top left is not far behind. She'll be gnawing on steak in no time!
Ainsley has also developed her own little strange's hard to even explain, but I will try to get it on video tape. She's discovered that her tongue can help her make new and exciting sounds. So instead of the normal "Da", "mama", "Ba" and so forth...she now flicks her tongue so everything has kind of an under water sound to it. That's the best I can do. It's hysterical though! We sat out on the deck after dinner and Clif was down in the yard and she just stood there making these weird noises, trying to get his attention. She's actually making these sounds in the first picture up at the top.
Well, that's about all I got tonight. Tomorrow night we are going to a Richmond Braves game with my beer and food. Then Saturday we are headed to Chesapeake, VA for a visit with my very good friend Carrie and her family. Carrie and Tim's little girl Addie was born 8 days after Ainsley and unfortunately we have not had much opportunity to get them together. So we are finally doing it this weekend. I'm so excited to see them play together. And I'm so excited to see Addie...and Carrie and Tim. I will have pictures of Ainsley and her friend in my next post.
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