Monday, May 26, 2008

Baseball, New Friends and Baby Talk - Topped off with a taste of sand.

This weekend was very busy for the White family. Friday night we went to see the Richmond Brave's game with my office. Ask me how much of the game I saw...big ole goose egg. I don't even know who won, and I can't even tell you who was winning ever. To me, every time I gazed on to the field it looked like the Braves were out warming up. Ainsley was a firecracker on Friday night. She may act shy when she first meets people, but she loves attention. And she was flirting with everyone she saw. Ainsley picked the Braves stadium...which is mostly really practice her walking. She did not want to be held. And ever time I tried to keep her in the box, she took my hand and pulled me out to the concrete walkway. We had a good time, but Ainsley was up way past bed time.

Saturday morning we drove down to Chesapeake to visit our friends Carrie, Tim and Addie. Addie and Ainsley were born 8 days apart. Carrie was one of my college roommates, we were very excited to be pregnant together and have our babies so close. We wanted to get them together all the time...but living 2 hours apart with little babies and me working full time, it's tough to find the time. This was the first time Addie and Ainsley were together since they were about 2 months old.

It was fun to see them together. There was no fighting over toys (and let me tell you, Addie's got plenty of toys) or hitting each other in the face (that would be Ainsley's bad habit). In fact, except for neither of them really going to bed before 10:30 on Saturday night, they were perfect little angels. Ainsley went on her first wagon ride, played with bubbles, got to swing in Addie's porch swing...and while playing in Addie's sand box, Ainsley shoved a handful of sand in her mouth. Unfortunately, I was not quick enough to get this picture, but Carrie took one.

I think the best/funniest thing was Addie and Ainsley's little "conversation." They were sitting between the living room and kitchen and all the sudden we noticed that they were "talking to one another." We were able to capture this on video, so enjoy, it's pretty funny.

We left Sunday afternoon to come back to Richmond, it was sad because we know we won't see each other for a couple of months at least. Thanks Carrie, Tim, Addie and Sally for entertaining us. We had a great time and hope we can do it again.

Sunday evening we traveled down to the South Side of Richmond to visit with some other friends. They have a 2 year old and one on the way. We just had a cook out and Ainsley slept in their crib for hours. So this tells me one of three things...she either just really hates her crib, she was completely pooped, or she's finally getting it. Let's hope its the later.

Well, I could of written a book with all the details but I think I touched on everything. Hope everyone had a happy Memorial Day Weekend. Back to work tomorrow. Blah!!
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