Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Step In the Right Direction

People...guess what...

We have renters for our Richmond house.  I thought when this happened I'd be jumping for joy, doing back flips down the street, screaming from rooftops.  But I'm not.  I actually have a bit of an unsettled feeling.  I'm worried.  I know, shocking that I would worry!

You see we already have a rental property, and, let's can I put can I accurately describe this investment...

Oh, I know...

Oh and my favorite...

Is anyone out there a professional arsonist?  Call me ;)  Kidding...maybe.

So, to have another rental property?  Not really ideal.  But we couldn't sell and we couldn't take less than what the house was on the market for, we couldn't drop the price without paying out at closing.  Not only would that have made me supremely's impossible.  We simply don't have the money to do that.

However, I'm trying to look on the bright side.  Even though the rent does not cover our mortgage, at least it's extra money to help with it.  So, I am choosing to focus on that tidbit.

This past weekend, we emptied the house.  Actually, my mom and Charles emptied the house.  I am forever grateful for their help.  And, after emptying the truck Sunday and Monday - I am even more grateful and not sure how I could possibly repay them.  I'm pretty sure the mediocre dinner I bought them Saturday night does not cover it.

So yes, we spent most of our Labor Day weekend emptying a moving truck and trying to cram every item we own into the basement of my in-law's house.  Let me show you how it went...

After leaving the truck, each item had to

avoid the leaning poorly placed pole of doom...

To the left are stairs leading into the house.  Space to the right is limited and obscured by some concrete block.  It was like a zig zag dance with heavy furniture.

traverse the crooked uneven stairs of death...

This is not really what you want to see under your feet while balancing one end of a 100lb dresser.

Oh but they are pretty...

or really freaking scary!

and perch precariously on top of unstable towers...

This may be a fire hazard.

Why yes, some things are touching the ceiling.  Hope I don't need any of that stuff.

This is how I kept the kids occupied -


But at least the rain made it easier.

And, what makes it all worth while?  Once we get our other hellish rental property taken care of and un-empty,  we get to move out and do it all over again.

Please note intense sarcasm!

But seriously now, it is nice to have this done.  Nice that maybe we're starting to test the waters and step one foot out of limbo land.  Maybe, this muddied, overgrown path we've been lost on for almost 3 years is starting to clear up and we'll finally be able to see the light through the trees.  I hope so.
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