Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Like Me

Those big blue eyes watch my every move.

In just 4 years I've had to explain mascara, shaving and tampons, because those eyes miss nothing.

She's so eager to grow up...

Mommy, can I wear makeup?
Mommy, can I have high heels?
Mommy, fix my hair like yours.
Mommy, I want to wear a dress like you. eager to be just like me.

It's flattering and scary having so much power over this little mind.  She repeats my words, she mimics my walk, she mirrors my expressions.

Whether we like it or not, so much of who we are comes from our parents.  She looks nothing like me, but there will be days when she's speaking to her children and she'll hear my voice.  There will be moments when she passes a mirror and sees a glimmer of me.

Mommy, when I grow up I'm going to have babies like you.
Mommy, when I grown up I'm going to go to work like you.
Mommy, am I pretty like you?
Mommy, am I smart like you?

She wants to be just like me, and I hope she's so much more.
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