Friday, July 29, 2011

According to Ainsley #13 - Rapunzel is the New Ainsley

At the pool, a little girl about 4 says to Ainsley "My name is Meg, what's your name?"
Ainsley responds, "Rapunzel."
I jump in, "No, what's your real name?"
"Rapunzel," she answers matter of factly.

Little Meg looks at me very confused.
"Her name is Ainsley," I say.
"NO IT'S NOT!" Ainsley yells and looks back at Meg, "My name is Rapunzel and this is my friend Flynn." Ainsley points to the empty side of the baby pool.  Meg went to find her parents.
At the grocery store, an older woman is behind me in line.
"Oh your children are precious," she says.
"Thank you," I answer.
"And what is your name little girl?" she asks Ainsley.
"Rapunzel," Ainsley answers.
"Tell her your real name," I say to Ainsley.
Ainsley looks at me, then at the woman "Rapunzel."
The woman chuckles uncomfortably as I say "Her name is Ainsley."
At the mall, in the children's play area I am sitting next to a mother of a little girl about Ainsley's age.
Ainsley runs over to tell me about what Flynn just did.
The little girl asks "What's your name?" to Ainsley.
"Rapunzel," she answers sweetly.
The mother looks at me, "Is her name really Rapunzel."
"No, it's Ainsley," I respond.
Cue eye roll from Ainsley, "No, my old name is Ainsley, but now I have long hair and my name is Rapunzel."
"Well that's nice," says the other mother, "Rapunzel, meet Ava...I mean, Ariel."
Now looking at me, she says "Aren't you glad you worried and stressed over the perfect name just to have it replaced by some dumb Disney movie?"

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