Monday, July 18, 2011

The Same, Yet Different

I'm always amazed at how different my children can be.  How did two little people, so opposite, come from the same parents?

Ainsley is laid back, up beat and always sees the positive. 
Freddie is passionate, emotional and high tempered.

Ainsley - 1 Day Old

Freddie - 1 Minute Old

Ainsley is a tall and thin.  She's graceful and gentle.
Freddie is shorter and plumper.  He's clumsy and rough.

Ainsley - 2 Months
Freddie - 3 Months
Ainsley's a fly-by-the-seat of her pants kind of girl.
Freddie likes his schedule and lets you know when you've screwed with it.
Ainsley has always loved to cuddle and is happiest being held.
Freddie needs his space and is a bit more independent.

Ainsley - 4 Months

Freddie - 5 Months
Ainsley loves attention. 
Freddie tends to get overstimulated.

Ainsley - Just after eating her first birthday cake.

Freddie - Can't be done with the first birthday cake quick enough!
Before Ainsley, I had no idea how to love like a mom.
She showed me how.

Before Freddie, I thought I was a pro.
He changed the rules.

I'm linking up with Shell at Things I Can't Say for her "Rock the Baby" meme.

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