Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Great Sleep Wars

So, kids hate sleeping.  And I think I've come to terms with the notion that it's mostly my fault.

I mean, true, Ainsley is the life of the party, even at midnight...and the girl hates to miss a moment.  Who can blame her really.  Clif and I are extremely exciting people.  She's kind of like me in that way.  I can remember in college and the party years after, staying up all night, not wanting to sleep for fear that I'd be left out of the inside jokes the following morning at breakfast.  Funny how that need to be included disappears when you have kids and you're sleep deprived.  Now I just want everyone to leave me alone so I can go to bed.

Then there's Freddie...he's just got that nasty little temper.  Also, from me. If you've met Clif, you know, he does not have an inkling of a temper.  And though you may not see me lose my temper very often, just know that I'm a very good faker.  Freddie wants what he wants when he wants it.  If that means he wants to nurse all night long, then by golly, he will scream his face off until you grant his wish.

Side note: May want to investigate further how children received all of my bad qualities and all of Clif's good qualities.

So because I have a little socialite waiting to happen and a small bear cub eager to roar...I often end up sleeping with tiny elbows in my chest and wee feet in my face.  And I complain.  I think, and vocalize, "why won't these children sleep?"

But here's where my fault in the whole fiasco enters...I kind of like to sleep with them.  I'm kind of a brat.  When I'm tired and need a restful night, or when I have a pile of laundry and cleaning to do...I want them to sleep, in their own beds, all night long.

But, when I actually go to bed...I kind of like their tiny warm bodies all snuggled up with me.  I mean who wouldn't?  They're so sweet and I love to watch them sleep.  I love when they're so still and calm and I can stroke their soft hair and kiss their chubby cheeks.  And I soooo justify and rationalize that desire.  I say they sleep better with me - they do!  And I say that I don't get to love on them and cuddle them all day while they're in daycare - I don't!  So I should be able to bond with them through the night - I should!

So I've accepted the blame...and I will still probably complain now and then when the hours in the day just aren't long enough...or when they're too long...but I figure they won't want to sleep with me forever.

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