Wednesday, July 6, 2011

According to Ainsley #11 - A House in the Clouds

Ainsley: Mommy, where do hippopotomuses live?
Mommy: In the jungle.
Ainsley: Where do hippos live?
Mommy: A hippo and a hippopotomus are the same thing.  They both live in the jungle.
Ainsley: What lives in the clouds?


Mommy: Birds.
Ainsley: Are there houses in the clouds for the birds?
Mommy: No.
Ainsley: I think we need to get a balloon and go see.
Mommy: You want to ride a balloon up to the clouds and see if there are houses?
Ainsley: Yes.  And we need a dragon.
Mommy: What do we need a dragon for?
Ainsley: To fly us.
Mommy: I thought the balloon was taking us to the clouds?
Ainsley: Yes, the balloon takes us to the clouds and the dragon takes us to the mean world because dragons are mean.

Ainsley: Well, some are nice and they could fly to the clouds.

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