Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are You Kidding Me?

I meant to write this post yesterday, February 12, 2011 - 6 years later, but between dance class, bridal showers, shopping and parenting, a post was virtually impossible.

Looking back on the weekend, I should have known what was coming.  I had never been to New York City.  I had always dreamed of being there. I had wanted so much to live that life. I had envied that fast paced, urban lifestyle.  So when Clif told me we were visiting his brother in Connecticut, I hoped that we would make it into the city.

Clif had more than just a surprise Valentine's Day trip up his sleeve.  After surprising me with Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, a hotel room in Times Square and dinner at the Rainbow Room, we were headed to the Empire State Building.

Getting to the top took some time.  There ware security checks and stairs and elevator rides and lines, but finally we stepped out into the brisk February night and looked down at the center of the universe.  At that height the wind was fierce and it was hard to stand still without shivering.  But I wanted to take in every angle, every detail.  For me, this was the highlight of the trip.  Standing on that balcony, looking over the edge, you could feel the pulse of the city below.  I took my time walking around the railing, stopping ever few feet to memorize the new view.

Before I knew it we were back where we'd started and I felt a little sad to say Well that's it, let's go to the gift shop.

Clif hesitated, Let's take a few more pictures.

I was cold and I had looked at everything, but I followed him to the closest corner.  He snapped a few pictures and stared down at the tiny cars and blinking lights.  A few minutes passed and I couldn't take the wind anymore Okay, I'm cold.  Let's go in.

I turned to leave, but the feeling of Clif's hand on my shoulder stopped me and I heard him say I have one more surprise.

I turned around and there he stood with a tiny blue box in his hand.  He said things that I remember, but I don't.  It's like trying to explain a dream.  You remember it and how it felt, but putting it into words is impossible.

He knelt down and said Will you marry me?

Are you kidding me? was the first thing that spilled out of my mouth, but eventually I said yes.

Sixteen months later we vowed for better, for worse, in sickness, in health, for richer, for poorer.  Six years later, we've seen most of those come to pass.  We've experienced the heartache of miscarriage and the joy of child birth; scary high fevers in the middle of the night and shrills of laughter at the dinner table; the uncertainty and fear of unemployment and the stability and relief of new jobs.

We'll celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary this summer and I look forward to the next 50.

Clif, thank you for being an amazing husband and a wonderful father.  I'm so lucky that 6 years ago on a cold winter's night, at the top of New York City, you picked me.  I love you.
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