Monday, February 21, 2011

First Hair Cut

No not Freddie's.  Ainsley got her first hair cut last weekend.  Crazy considering she's 3.5 years old, but I'm sure most of you remember how bald she was.  I see other three-year-olds with long luscious locks...not our Ainsley.  Although she has beautiful hair, it has not come in as full as some of her peers.  So I never found it necessary to cut.  However, recently I was noticing some serious tangling at the very bottom of some of the longer pieces.  I was almost ripping out tangled little balls.  I figured it was time.

So, below are some tips on your first child's first hair cut.

#1 - If your child does not like getting her hair washed, most likely a huge green elephant will not help.

Ainsley does not like getting her hair washed.  She doesn't like water in her face and she hates when I have to rinse her hair.  Some nights it's almost impossible to get all the soap out.  She won't lie back in the tub, I have to use cups and then try to gently but forcibly push her chin up so the water doesn't drip to her eyes.  At the hair salon, there is a large green elephant mounted on the wall and the stylist uses the trunk to wet hair.  Although she was a trooper, Ainsley did not enjoy this and looking back I probably should have just said no to the shampooing.

#2 - Probably best to be prepared when the stylist asks what you want.

Or, you could, like me just stumble over your words.  Not sure what I want done, don't take too much, and please save all the curls, and not too short, and I'm not sure, bangs? well... Yeah, that's what I sounded like.

#3 - If you are PMSing...maybe wait for another day.
Or you could end up in tears...yeah, I'm a lunatic.  It became this huge symbol of Ainsley growing up and her baby essence just disappearing.  Which I guess it kind of is, but I expected it to be exciting and not so emotional.

#4 - Expect to feel like you over payed.
We were there for a total of 17 minutes from the time we walked in the door until the time we walked out...$19 later.  And I'm pretty sure I could have cut it the way it was cut.  But oh well, it's all about the experience and the certificate...which they were out of.  Most likely, I won't go back.

And here is the result...

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