Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Freddie Speaks - Museum

Clif spent the last few months working on a project for the National Children's Museum.  Sesame Street has partnered with them, so the theme is Sesame Street and all it's characters.  It's located at the National Harbor and the Friday before Christmas we took my mom and Charles there to have dinner, see the huge Christmas tree, listen to Christmas carols, and watch the fireworks.

When we were all done, Clif suggested we walk by the museum so the kids could see all the Sesame Street Characters all around the building.  They were very excited as we talked about seeing a life size version of Big Bird.

When Big Bird came into sight the kids ran and started climbing all over him.  Then we walked around the corner to see Abby Cadabby hanging from a light pole and Cookie Monster leaning against the wall.

At the very end was Elmo.  Ainsley wanted a picture, so my mom took one.

"Freddie," mom says.  "Who's that?" She asks pointing at Elmo.
"Who?" Freddie asks.
"Right here, who is this that Ainsley is standing next too?"

He leans to the left to get a better view.

He gasps, "Dat Elmo!"
"That is Elmo," I say from behind him.

He turns to look at me, "Mommy, dat Elmo!  Him at da Mazooum!"
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