Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Little Steps, Big Changes

When Ainsley was a baby, she did everything right in order. She sat herself up, then she crawled, then she pulled herself up and finally she walked. Her teeth came in all in perfect order...bottom right-center, bottom left-center, top right-center, top left-center.

Freddie is all messed up. So he still doesn't crawl...not really. I mean, I think he could. But he doesn't. He can't quite balance correctly, so he maybe shuffles once or twice, then falls on his belly. Then he gets so frustrated that he just cries until someone rescues him, unaware that he can just roll over himself. However, he pulls himself to standing all the time. His teeth have also come in randomly. Started normal...bottom right-center. Then skip all other center teeth and go right to the bottom left incisor. Then bounce up to the top left incisor. Random.

Here's a video to show his progress...

Know what this means? This means we're in for some big changes, life gets a whole lot harder when they're mobile.

Seems we're due for a lot of changes this coming year. Yesterday, I quit my job and accepted a job in DC. I have very mixed emotions about this. A lot needs to happen in the next 5 weeks before I start a new job and I'm nervous, sad, excited, anxious, relieved...everything you can possibly feel, I'm feeling.

Last night I asked my mom how it was that Clif could actively look for a job every single day for 18 months and find nothing in Richmond...whereas I never once looked for a job. I updated my resume, and three times my current boss said "Hey, apply to this," I did and here I am with a job. Mom says I must really be meant to be there and not here.

My very stubborn, dominant self wants to fight against this "meant to be" idea! I have never dealt well with someone or something telling me I had to, or could not, or must do something. The more submissive self, which is this tiny little speck of my personality, just wants this whole ordeal to be over with. Well, my stubbornness is finally giving in and I'm going, so hey God, hope you have something really great planned for us.
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