Thursday, December 16, 2010


Dear Ainsley and Freddie,

Tonight I was making dinner and this is what I heard...

I love that you are each others best friends and that you can always make each other laugh. I know you are young, but I hope you always remember how much you love each other.

In a few years, there will be kicking and screaming and punching and crying. You will hate each other and you will not want the other around. I will show you this video and you will be annoyed with me and your sibling even more, because you won't be able to imagine a scenario in which you would give that person the time of day.

But I will remember.

I will remember how Freddie smiled every time he heard Ainsley's voice. I will remember how Ainsley cried when she would accidentally knock Freddie over. I will remember how Freddie searched the room for Ainsley and craned his neck so he could see her. I will remember how Ainsley was a big ole cranky pants in the morning until Freddie gave her a big slobbery kiss, and then she would light up like the sun. And I will remember the beautiful sound of your little giggles at the kitchen table.

And when you are at your lowest point with your sibling, I'll remind you of all these things and how much you love each other. But you won't believe me and you'll go on being hateful and spiteful and annoyed with the other.

Unfortunately, that time will last longer than it should. I guess it's just the way of the world. You will grow apart at some point. One of you will go to college, or get a job, or get married or have babies...and these childhood times will be far from your mind because you have too much to focus on in the present.

There will be times when this sibling of yours is the only person you can turn to. When the whole world is against you, and he/she is the only one left standing with you. This is the person that has seen you through your lowest lows and highest highs. You won't be able to remember a time that he/she wasn't around. You'll have spent every birthday and holiday and special moment with this person.

It's then, when you realize all this about your little brother or big sister, that I hope you can sit and giggle with one another again.

PS - Ainsley, I totally saw you stealing your brother's puffs!
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