Friday, October 1, 2010

Poor Puppies

My poor puppy dogs are so neglected these days. As much as I complain about them, they are really sweet and I really do love them.

This is where they ran to hide when I had a mini breakdown Thursday night about Ainsley not sleeping, the house being covered in mud and the dogs asking to be let out in the POURING rain for the 10th time in 3 hours.

I love these guys, but it's tough to give them the extra care they need when I've also got two kids hanging on me at all times, and a full time job, and a messy house, and piles of laundry, and, and, and...

I've been trying to come home on my lunch break once a week and give them a little added attention while the kids aren't around...and clean my house a bit. I give them treats, throw a tennis ball, let them cuddle on the couch.

Amazingly, they don't hate me for neglecting them...just the opposite, they totally love every ounce of attention I give them. If only humans could be so forgiving and love unconditionally - we'd probably live in a much nicer world.

On Monday we head to Raleigh for the week before my sister's wedding. I finally found a dog sitter, but I am feeling a bit guilty about leaving them couped up for a week. Especially the Brinkster, since he has to be in a crate.

I will try and make it up to them when I get back.
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