Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vacation from Life

Last weekend was Carolyn and Mike's wedding. I decided a while back to take the week before off so I could help Carolyn. As it got closer I realized how much I was looking forward to just having some down time. I was nervous about travelling with both kids by myself, and I was nervous about being away from home with the kids by myself...but I gotta tell you, it was awesome!

I basically just got to be a mom and spend time with the kids. There were no other real distractions or responsibilities. Yes, I was trying to help my sister, but let me tell you, that girl is on the ball. She pretty much had everything done and there were really just a few errands to run and a couple of small tasks to complete. But I didn't have a house to clean or laundry to wash or dogs to look after or work to be on time was such a relief to just focus on Ainsley and Freddie.

So one day, when I'm super rich I will have housekeepers and cooks and I won't work and I will just spend all day playing with my babies. Hey, I can dream right?

Note: Don't worry, the beer bottle was empty. I promise I did not feed Freddie booze.

Second Note: I will have details, stories and pictures from the wedding in the next couple of days.
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