Friday, May 8, 2009

My Hat Daddy

Last weekend we travelled to Raleigh to visit Carolyn and Mike. Friday night they had a cook out and invited some friends over. Saturday we ventured out to the beer fest. Ainsley did OK. She is getting a little old to take to these things now. I know that sounds odd, but when she was younger we could put her in the baby carrier and walk around all day, she'd fall asleep when she wanted and all was good. Even 6 months ago we could bank on her falling asleep in the stroller. Now, she wants out.

She wants to run around and play and explore and we just really can't do that with millions of people around. So most of the day was spent carrying her around or forcing her back into the stroller. I guess we'll have to forgo these types of events for awhile.

Even though the festival did not turn out as planned, it was still a really fun weekend. We've seen so much of Carolyn and Mike lately that I'm going to miss them over the next couple of months where we won't be seeing them. I know Ainsley will miss them too.

We got home Sunday evening and I think we were all pretty tired so we headed out for some Chinese food. Before we left, Ainsley did one of the cutest things I've ever seen/heard. Oh this is a perfect opportunity to give you a new pic of Recession Clif:

So since Recession Clif must tame his mane in public, he has taken to wearing his Redskins hat always. While we sat around the house before heading out, Ainsley found the hat and wore it around for a bit. As we were walking out the door this is what happened...

Clif: Ainsley, can daddy have his hat back?

Ainsley: No daddy, my hat.

Clif: I think it's my hat, can I wear it?

(Now picture this little girl with a big ole hat on her head, backwards no less, and she looks up at Clif with these big puppy dog eyes and says...)

Ainsley: Ah, no, ah bababa daddy, my hat, babababa ah...pwease?

And then she just waits. And Clif melted...and got a different hat. It was seriously the most precious thing I've ever seen. I have no idea what all those "bababa's" meant, but it was obvious that she was saying "No daddy, I want the hat, can I wear it please?"

Too cute.
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