Thursday, April 30, 2009

Travelling Fools

Last weekend Ainsley and I drove to Gloucester to visit the Blakes. Clif stayed behind to take care of dogs and hang out with some friends that came to town for a visit.

It was nice catching up with Julie, Todd and Katherine (pronounced Fafrin in Ainsley speak). We spent the day hanging out in their brand new house along with two other friends from college and their very little babies. Heidi brought her 3 month old, Eli and Rebecca showed off her 1 month old, Warner.

It's so crazy to see smaller babies. They change so fast that it's hard to even believe Ainsley was ever like that. Even seeing Katherine makes me think "Were we ever really there?" Why yes, we were, just one year ago.

All week Ainsley has been asking about "Fafrin, Jew and Todd." She'll say "Fafrin house? Fafrin my aside a pway?" Translation: Can we go to Katherine's house? Can Katherine play outside with me?" The child is talking in full sentences now. Like I said, crazy how quickly they grow up.

Daddy was very excited to see Ainsley on Sunday when we got home. He misses us when we're gone. That evening, when it stopped being 1000 degrees outside, we took Ainsley to the park. She loves it more and more every time we go there. She even tried out the big slide this time.

This weekend we are hitting the road again. We are going to visit DeeDee and Mike in Raleigh for the beer festival. That means it's been just over a year since I started blogging because last year we went to the Raleigh beer fest and it was one of my first posts. Yeah me...a whole year :)

Ok, short post but I need to go to bed. Love to all, talk to you soon.
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