Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Hate Potty Training

As you all know we've been trying to potty train Ainsley for some time now. We haven't seriously pushed it because the two times I did she got a bit constipated so I backed off. Well then, while Clif and I were in the hospital having the baby, my mother in law had Ainsley going consistently on the potty. Number 1 and number 2. However, I read a bunch of things about how kids regress when you bring a new baby home so it's probably a bad time to do it who has time to put a toddler on the potty every 30 minutes when you've got a brand new baby at the house?

So we put it off again because it was just bad timing. So I decided that this past week we would stay home as much as possible and really push the potty training. My mother in law did a great job so I thought, ground work is already in place, now we just need the consistency.

Well Monday, we had 1 accident. Not bad. It was really my fault because I just blanked on the whole thing.

Tuesday, we were doing well all morning and then around lunch time I realized she hadn't gone number 2. So I sat her in there for a very long time and I left (she likes her privacy for that one). Well next thing you know she's flushing the toilet so I run in there to find her crying for a diaper. And that was the end of potty training this week. Every time I suggest big girl panties, she gets all teary-eyed.

So once again we are putting it off a bit. I'm not really sure what triggered it, but also she's now asking to be held like a baby and fed like a baby and wants baby toys and wants to lay in the crib when we're upstairs. I know this is all a normal part of a new sibling, but it's not easy and I'm just not really sure how far I should indulge it. I mean, yesterday she asked for a binky! She hasn't had a binky since she was 5 months old! Plus, I feel like I've been really conscious of spending one on one time with her. I still try to put her to bed every night and I always try and do something with her while Freddie is napping. So, again, I know it's normal, but I've really tried to make her feel special still - so I guess I was just hoping it wouldn't get too bad. I don't think there's a lot of jealousy with Freddie...she adores him. But, I'm sure she is missing 24/7 undivided attention from both parents.

Well, on to more positive things. I finally finished Freddie's letters! Only 5 weeks late :) It was not easy to do when I only had a small window of time between Ainsley's bed time and my bed time and part of that time Freddie needs to eat and be changed and held upright so he doesn't loose his whole meal. Anyway, here they are...

We hung them yesterday, so the nursery is just about done. Now I just need to put away clothes and finish washing things. I'll take pictures of the nursery this week to show you. Funny how ready I was for Ainsley and how now I'm half way through maternity leave and still don't have the nursery complete! Poor, neglected, second child. Yeah, he looks neglected, right?

Last Friday we had a bit of an incident. I noticed some dried flecks of blood in and around Freddie's left ear while I gave him a bath. I assumed he had scratched himself, so I cut his nails and then while I was nursing him I looked for a bad scratch. Instead, I found a black bulge in his ear canal. First thought...tick. I was horrified that my 4 week old baby possibly had a tick. Clif came in and thought it was fuzz so he tried to pull it out with tweezers and it started bleeding. Bleeding enough to where I realize it's not a tick but some sort of growth in his ear. Well, his ears have been checked at least 2 or 3 times since he's been born...and that's not even counting the hospital time. Plus, I spend a lot of time looking at his ears while nursing. So Clif took him to the pediatrician. They think it's a hemangioma. But because of the location, he should see an ENT and since it's still bleeding, we should take him right away so it doesn't bleed all weekend. So Clif drives him to the ENT where they drain it a bit and confirm that it is a hemangioma. And it's not uncommon for it to show up a month after the baby's born. Anyway, it's harmless, but it is very vascular so it bleeds easily, so we just have to be careful. However, I feel like it's gotten bigger and there is a concern that it could block his ear canal and affect hearing...but it's also supposed to disappear by the time he's 3 or so. We'll see, we have a follow-up in a couple of weeks.

We had Auntie Keek here for a week, which was so nice. We're hoping she comes back to visit for awhile this summer. We also got to have lunch with NonNon while she was here...

Well that's about all that's going on right now. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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