Sunday, February 7, 2010

No More Snow Please

Okay, so I'm totally over all the snow. Definitely ready for spring. Actually, as I was putting my shoes away today I looked at my flip flops longingly. I so bad want nice warm weather.

However, I did take Ainsley out today...yes in her ghetto-fied snow gear. I refuse to buy snow equipment...the minute I do we won't see snow for 5 maybe I should :)

We managed to build a snow man. It was actually pretty fun since it was so warm out. Neither of us even got cold and frozen like last time we played in the snow. So I guess I can deal with a little snow if it's 45 degrees out. Doesn't bode well for the life span of Mr. Snowman though. His face has completely fallen off already.

We got the dogs out as well. Brinkley, who hates riding in the car and really only goes out the front door when he has to get in the car, was petrified and peed on the carpet and all over the snow. We tried to trick him by taking him around back but he really wouldn't leave the fence.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and you don't have to work like I do tomorrow. Have fun watching the super bowl. I love Peyton, but I think I'm rooting for the Saints. How can you not really?
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