Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where does all my time go?

Note: I was supposed to post this last night with pictures. However, our internet was down. This morning we discovered why. My wonderful dogs dug up our FIOS cable. Awesome!!! So here's the post. I'll get pictures up as soon as we can access the internet at home.

As my mom reminded me this morning, I have not updated this in over a week. Sorry all, I really don't know where my days go sometimes. Life has been crazy busy with getting ready for the baby and my job and the jewelry stuff and my lack of motivation and laziness in general.

I have to say, that I am very thankful that I don't have diabetes this go around and I am very thankful that I have not reached the level of swelling that I did with Ainsley. However, I am carrying this little boy a lot lower and I gotta say...unless I'm just really forgetting things...I am WAY more uncomfortable than I was with the Bug. If you have the pleasure of spending any time with me in the next few weeks, you'll notice that I can't walk anymore. I have a full on waddle down!

The kid is crushing my pelvis which makes walking, sleeping, sitting, standing leaning, any position really, totally uncomfortable. I really enjoyed being pregnant with Ainsley, and I've enjoyed this pregnancy as well - a little less - but I have, none the less. And people who can't wait to get the kid out and do anything to accomplish that have always amazed me. But now, I understand. I am physically ready to have this child. I don't have much else ready, but I am ready to take my body back for a bit. I am ready to have a beer, I am ready to sleep without having a stuffed up nose, heartburn and hip cramps.

Ok, that's enough complaining Jaime! This is not why you read the blog. Let me give you some updates.

We had our 35 week appointment yesterday. Things are still going well, but for all the pressure on my pelvis, the baby's head is not in my pelvis and I am not dilated. Boo :( Also, my measurements took a big leap, so now I'm measuring at 38 weeks. Most likely the kid is not huge, probably just the same issue with Ainsley. He's not entering my pelvis and most likely won't. So in a few weeks we will probably schedule a C-Section for April 1. I am a little disappointed, but I'm fine with it. Just the way life goes I guess.

However, things are great. Baby is moving well, his heartbeat is good, I'm healthy. So those are all things to be thankful for.

In other baby news, my brother's girlfriend is dilated and will probably have her baby before her due date which is 3/12 (I think). I know they don't read this blog, so I'll show you guys what I made for them. (I'll post the picture when I can)

Aren't they cute? I really love being crafty...just don't really ever have time for it. I made these letters for Ainsley to hang over her crib, so now her little cousin will have them too. And I plan on making them for baby brother as soon as we decide on his name. Maybe we should just call him Baby Brother.

I'm very excited for them. It took my brother awhile to grow up, but I think he'll be a good dad.

Ainsley is doing great. It really is amazing how they just change and grow before your eyes. She is talking so clear these days and it almost happened over night. It's very rare that we can't make out what she's saying and even most strangers can understand her.

She is also becoming extremely independent. Last night she was in the bath tub and it was time to get out and she threw her normal "I don't want to get out" fit. So she says to me "Mommy, you doe to yiving woom." (Mommy, you go to the living room.) I told her no, that I was going to stay here and get her out of the tub and she says "Hmmmph, you never doe away!" (You never go away!) That's right, total attitude. Luckily, I'm too tired to let it hurt my feelings. Plus she gets over things pretty quickly, so 5 minutes later she was kissing me and telling me that I am her best friend.

She also now knows her full name...kind of. She thinks that "Bug" is part of her name. So she'll say her name is Ainsley Lynn Bug White or Ainsley Lynn White Bug. Very cute, but I guess we'll eventually have to break the truth to her.

She's doing really well in her big girl bed. I think afternoon naps are becoming a thing of the past. She'll still take one here and there, but it always makes for a rough bed time.

This coming weekend we are going to have a full house. My sister and mom are coming to go wedding dress shopping for my sister's wedding this fall. My sister's future in-laws are coming to go with us. My sister's fiance is coming to help put up the chair rail in the nursery. So hopefully I'll have new nursery pictures to post in a few days!

Hope everyone is having a good week...I know mine is feeling very long. I can't believe it's only Wednesday.
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