Thursday, January 14, 2010


Ainsley makes us laugh every day. She is so cute and so funny just being her. So I thought I'd share some of those things that make us laugh or say awww.

Movies: This girl loves her movies. Especially Tinkerbell and anything Princess related. She is such a girl. The other day we were getting into the car and she kept saying something to me over and over again. All I could make out was "My work sky..." So I said "You work in the sky?" And it was like a light bulb went off for Clif. He said "I work up in the sky, you work down in a ditch. Vidia to Tinkerbell in the Tinkerbell movie." She loves to talk about the movies but I'm pretty sure this is her first official movie quote.

Almost every night at dinner Ainsley will say, "Mommy, my tell you story bout mean keen?" (Mommy, can I tell you a story about the mean queen?) When I say yes, she says "Mommy, what mean keen do?" (Mommy, what does the mean queen do?) So then we have to tell the whole Snow White story together. She tells some and then I tell some.

She will go into the kitchen and just start spinning and dancing. If I ask her to do something or to come to me she'll say "Jus a minud, my dance wit pince." (Just a minute, I'm dancing with the prince.)

She has also started putting beads and headbands on Brinkley and saying that "Now Bink-Bink danc wit pince!" (Now Brinkley can dance with the prince!) Gatsby does not allow such things, but Brinkley just lays there.

Funny Sayings: Ainsley does not have her prepositions and pronouns down at all yet. Of course, as I type this I'm wondering if I'm using the correct terminology. I was never a grammar whizz.

Ainsley does not use "I" or "Mine," everything is "My." "My have dink?" "My pway game?"

Also she never uses the word "to", only "for." This is very cute and funny. She will say "Mommy, you go work for day?" or "No daddy, you not talk for mommy, my talk for mommy." Remember to replace all for's with to's. Then it makes perfect sense.

Potty Training: We have been really pushing the potty training because I am bound and determined that I won't have two kids in diapers. We'll see how it goes. It's actually going really well. She's had no wet accidents...only the dirty kind. Which is not fun, but I think she's got the peeing down. Anyway, she gets MM's when she goes pee and if she ever goes poo on the potty she gets chocolate.

So now when she sits down and pees she says in a very sing songy voice "Now my det tochlat!" (Now I get chocolate) and she has to wave her fingers at me. So then I say, "No you get MM's." So she replies, in the same sing songy voice, "Now my det neminems!" (Now I get MM's) and waves her little fingers.

Also, if she happens to be in the bathroom while I am using the potty, she says "Oh mommy, dat a dood durl. Now you det neminems!" (Oh mommy, that's a good girl. Now you get MM's.)

Pure Sweetness: Ainsley is such a sweet, loving, cuddly little girl. When people hear that I'm having a boy they always say "Oh boys are so sweet and cuddly and they love their mommas." Well, I hope they're right, but I have to say I have a very sweet, cuddly little girl at home and she definitely loves her mommy.

Every day when I get home, my favorite moment is walking in the door and Ainsley saying as excited as can be "Mommy, you home for work for day!!!!!!" (Mommy, you're home from work today!!!!) then she runs up and gives my legs a huge bear hug.

When we are riding in the car, she will say "Mommy?" and I'll reply "Yes Ainsley?" and she'll say "Tome dive me big hug and tiss!" (Come give me a big hug and kiss.) Then she holds her little hands out towards me.

But probably my favorite sweet moments are when she climbs up on the couch with me and gives me a big squeeze and says "Mommy, I yuve you soooo mutch." (Mommy, I love you soooo much.)

It really doesn't get much better than that.
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