Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Monster Turns 5

Dear Freddie,

Well, it's here.  You are officially 5.  You've been waiting so long for this day.  I feel like you've been asking me when you would be 5 since last spring.  I would tell you and you would pout and say "ohhhh...that's soooo far!"

But just like everything that we wait so long for, and dream about, and anxiously happened and now it's already over and you are 5.

We had an awesome day yesterday.  We went to the trampoline park, we played video games, we went bowling, we ate pizza, we played more video game.  We had a Freddie day through and through.

Lately, I look at you and can't believe how tall and thin you are.  How much your face has changed into that of a little boy.  How your limbs have grown.  How your little belly that used to stick out over everything is so tiny and tight.  How you are such a little kid now?  When did that happen?  It's like I went to sleep with a baby and woke up with a kid.  I feel like I can't remember it happening, it was that fast.

You still talk the same.  You have the same voice that you did when you were screaming at just minutes old.  This rough, raspy, boy voice.  I love it.  I love the way you say things.  All the big words that you can't quite wrap your tongue around.  Like Mamerican Falcon (Millennium Falcon) and eledator (elevator) and axshuly (actually).  I never correct you.  I hope you hold on to those cute little words for awhile.  I know from your sister that they'll fade on their own.

You are so passionate and emotional.  You cry the hardest and laugh the loudest of anyone I know.  And your heart is just bursting with love.  You attack people in hugs.  You walk by me or daddy or your siblings and just kiss whatever is easiest to reach.  It can be a toe or a shirt or hair.  Doesn't matter.

Five is a big year.  A lot will happen this year.  A lot will change.  You will grow and learn and change in ways that none of us will see coming.  Some of it will be hard.  Some of it will be awesome.  But I promise it will all be worth it.

Happy Birthday Fredders.  Love,

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