Saturday, December 12, 2009

Not So Perfect

There are 2 reasons that I keep this blog. First - to keep you all up to date on Ainsley and us. I don't live near any of my family or Clif's and I want them all to know Ainsley like we do. Second - I suck at keeping up with baby books, scrapbooks, journals, etc. So this one day will be my children's memory books. And I have to keep up with it or I hear it from you all :)

So the point of this post is just to tell a funny story about Ainsley. I know I complain about her sleeping habits, but aside from that she really is just the best little girl. She is so well behaved and so happy and so loving and caring. I really don't know how I deserved such a perfect little girl. Well, okay, she's not PERFECT...but she's about as close as any kid could get. This story is about her not being so perfect...but man is she cute!

While we were visiting Nanny and Poppa Ainsley picked up a new phrase...I'm not placing any blame here, because I'm pretty sure I've never heard my in-laws say this, however, it may be Cameron's fault. Just kidding Uncle Cam :)

Ainsley likes to go into their basement and jump on the small trampoline that is down there. Sometimes Caitlyn or Amanda or I will take her down to "jump-jump." However, my in-laws often keep that door locked. So we are all sitting around the den at one point and Ainsley walks over to the door and tries to open it.

"What the hell?!"

We all kind of looked at her and looked at each other. I wasn't exactly sure she had said that because it came out more "What da heel?!" And I thought, no, where did she hear that? I'm pretty sure Clif and I don't really say that. So I let it slide.

Then I heard multiple stories of her saying it over the weekend when I wasn't around and was soon convinced, when she dropped a toy on the floor and exclaimed "What da heel?!" that, she indeed was saying what we thought.

Well, fast forward to the day we get our Christmas tree. We're getting the living room ready, since the tree needed to be where a couch was. As Clif pulled the couch around to the other side of the living room, Ainsley stopped, looked at him strangely and said "Daddy, what da heel?!"

Clif was no help...he turned away and started shaking in laughter. So I reacted as quickly as I could, grabbed her and said "Ainsley, in the corner! We DO NOT talk like that."

She seemed very confused and didn't really understand why she was being punished, but she obliged and stood in the corner for a few minutes. Afterwards, I explained that we don't talk like that and we should ask nicer questions.

Later on, as we were getting ready for bed, Ainsley said "Mommy?" in a very sweet little voice, when I responded she said "What da heel?! We DO NOT say dat!"

I didn't punish her this time, just tried not to laugh and said "That's right Ainsley." And she hasn't said it since. However, I find myself thinking that "What the hell?!" is not such a bad curse word as potty language goes. And it is just so freaking cute the way she says it...maybe it wouldn't be too bad to encourage it?

Joking...kind of.
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