Monday, December 7, 2009

Cinderella Barbie

When we visited my Aunt a couple of weeks ago, Ainsley found a Barbie doll that was dressed as Cinderella. My Aunt gave it to her at the end of our visit and let me tell you, she has not been the same. She LOVES that doll. She dances with her, kisses her, hugs her, carries her around the house and tries to sleep with her. Since she usually ends up in bed with us, Clif was not down with the idea of rolling over on a hard Barbie doll. So to keep her from crying, I told her we would make Cinderella Barbie her own bed and put her to bed the next night.

Well remember that memory I mentioned in my last post? She does not forget. I had no more than taken off my coat from work the next day when she said "Mommy, make bed for Cinderella Barbie?" So I went to work.

You see, when I was a kid my parents were flat broke, but I loved me some Barbies. So I didn't have any of the fancy Barbie stuff. My mom made a lot of the Barbie clothes. However, there was a girl in my neighborhood who had every possible Barbie accessory, but she was also fairly annoying. So like any kid, I really only played with her because of her good stuff. So when I couldn't stand to be around her anymore I went back to my own Barbies with handmade clothes and I would build elaborate houses/rooms/towns for them using shoe boxes and towels and bowls and thread spools. I got very creative.

I found a shoe box and grabbed a couple of old pillow cases, a hand towel and a burp cloth. Voila, Cinderella Barbie's bed...

Now every night we hug her and kiss her good night. Then we tuck her in and she sleeps in her own bed on top of Daddy's dresser.
If only we could get Ainsley to sleep in her own bed...that is coming soon.
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