Friday, April 25, 2008

Baby Needs a New...First...Pair of Shoes

So, I finally caved...I've insisted all along, babies do not need shoes. And everything you read now is "babies learning to walk should go barefoot" or "bare feet give them more stability" or "let them feel the different textures of the floor, grass, sand, etc." Well know what they don't tell you...crawling babies work up friction on their poor little toes and they get blisters! So I bought Ainsley some shoes...I have a bunch of shoes for her, but at this point they are either too small or too big. So I went to Target and bought two pairs of $9.99 shoes. Grandma Livingston would scold me for this (For those of you not familiar with my grandmother, she was always adamant about a good pair of shoes. Just about every year for my birthday, my day with Grandma consisted of a new pair of "very good, supportive" shoes and ice cream. Grandma was very serious about shoes...and ice cream :)

So, hence the pictures of the new shoes. They are pretty cute though!

Last night Ainsley had a taste of a new food. Yes, my child is obsessed with Gatsby's food and water bowls. I have always been able to pull her away at the first plunging of the chubby little hand into the pellets of dog morsels. However any of you that know my dog, know that he is a bit odd. Rather than just eat his food, he prefers to carry it piece by piece and leave it in strategic places all over the house...the living room carpet, the kitchen floor, under the table, down the hall...wherever he thinks it will come in handy later. So while I was trying to put together a new toy for Ainsley, she was constantly moving towards the dog food. And I was constantly pulling her back declaring a very firm "NO!" What I didn't account for was the piece of dog food sitting on the kitchen floor that I placed her right next to after about 15 of these "NO's!"

I look up at her and see her chewing with a horrid look on her face (because as fun as dog food looks, I assume it does not have the best taste based on the nasty smell), and I immediately know what she's done. My heart drops thinking "oh no, she's going to choke on dog food!" which is way worse than choking on regular food. So I scooped it out of her mouth and instead of thanking me for getting that nastiness out of her mouth, she proceeds to scream like I have just beat her. And nothing can console her, not even the new, semi-put-together toy.

Clif and I also installed Ainsley's new car seat in his car last night. We are headed to Raleigh this weekend to visit Aunt DeeDee and Uncle Mike. For any of you that don't know, car seats are pretty much a nightmare to install. I'm not sure why it's so difficult but it is. And Clif and I have a conspiracy theory about them. The car seat manufactures and the inventor of the mini van are in cahoots...yes it's seats do not fit correctly in any regular car or SUV. You must have the biggest, clunkiest, gas-guzzlingist vehicle around. It's a conspiracy to have us all driving mini-vans...I'm refusing as long a possible. Right now in Clif's pathfinder, which is not a small SUV, the front seat must be all the way up. No normal sized adult could possibly be comfortable in that seat for any length of time.

So Clif installed the car seat, but because she's still rear-facing, it's not installed at the correct 45 degree angle, so we have to take it out and shove this foam thing under the front of it. This foam thing is sold at Babies R Us in the car seat isle. It is basically a triangular swimming noodle. I say, let's just buy a few noodles, but right there on the box it has a picture of a swimming noodle with a big red X over it stating "This is NOT safe." So even though I know this is a gimmick, what can you do? You don't want to regret it after an accident. So you pay 10 bucks for the "modified" triangular noodle. They have us hook line and sinker.

Well, I guess it's just all part of the job.
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