Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daddy Day Care - Week One Down

This past week was the first week that Clif was home with Ainsley all week playing Mr. Mom. I think things went pretty well. A few times she didn't nap so well...but who are we talking about here, it's an accomplishment when she does nap at all. I think Clif is really enjoying his time with Ainsley, and I think Ainsley is getting a little more attached to her daddy. She definitely asks about him when he leaves the room and she cries when he goes into the bathroom. It is tough for Clif to get much job searching done with the bug at home. We hate to just put her in front of the TV...although, if you put Abby Cadabby and Elmo on repeat, she'd probably sit all day...but Clif also needs a job, so it's a tough call to make.

Luckily they had a few nice days outside and Clif was able to get her out of the house and to the park or for a walk. However, seeing as it is snowing here right now, I don't know if that luck will continue for him.

Friday Clif took Ainsley for a milk shake.

Then that night Ainsley had her very own corn on the cob for the first time. She really loved it.

We had a pretty quite couple of days this weekend. Clif's parents came to visit and they watched Ainsley Saturday night so Clif and I could go to dinner. It was nice to get out, but I never really like to leave Ainsley on the weekends. I feel like it's really the only time I get to spend with her...the weeks are just too hectic.

Well, not a very exciting post...nothing very exciting going on. I'll talk to you all again next week.
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