Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Toddler Mad House

This past weekend Ainsley and I went to Chesapeake to stay at my friend Carrie's house. Carrie's little girl Addie is 8 days younger than Ainsley. Two of our other college friends brought their toddlers to join the party. We had a great time. I think the kids had fun too. Here are a couple of pictures of the four tiny tots.

That's Lucas behind Ainsley, Grayson next to him, and Addie is the little one with all the dark hair. Ainsley was very jealous :)

Here are a few things I learned about Ainsley this weekend that I pretty much already suspected...

1. Ainsley is very strong willed and it is very difficult to make her do anything she does not want to do. Example: Sit in chairs. She must stand in chairs even if it means falling out of them and busting her head. She and I went round and round over this and we found a very nice time out spot in Carrie's house.

2. Ainsley does not share very well. Since there are only so many kid toys in the world, you can imagine that Ainsley and Addie have many of the same toys. So I understand that she could be confused seeing a pink and purple car that looks just like her pink and purple car. However, I wish she would share a little better. At least the boys fought over it as well.

3. Ainsley's favorite word is "MINE!!!" Everything is hers...doesn't matter if it's a blue chair that says Addie on it. It looks like her pink chair and it's all hers. No one could sit in that chair without Ainsley screaming "My seat!" and rushing over to remove them from it.

4. Ainsley can now open doors. Twice she opened the door to Carrie's back deck.

5. Ainsley can say Oreo...only it sounds like "Oeo." And she loves them.

6. Ainsley is very good at Ring Around the Rosey.

7. Even though she is bossy and rotten and strong willed...she is very sweet. She gave kisses and hugs when we were leaving, she asked about Daddy all weekend and she says "I ya you" (I love you).

We also got to see Aunt Dee Dee and Uncle Mike while we were in town. They were visiting Mike's sister in Va Beach. They brought our cousin Eddie, who goes to school at ODU, to lunch with them and we taught Ainsley to say "Edd dee." Here's a picture of them for you Aunt Linda. I'll send it to you in an email as well.

We had a really nice weekend and I hope we can do it again soon.
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