Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Full House

Happy St. Patty's Day friends!! Hope everyone is wearing their green today.

I wanted to post because I didn't get a chance to at the end of last week or over the weekend. I'm doing this from work (shhhh) so I don't have pics right now, but I will post pictures from the weekend later this week.

This past weekend the White house was a FULL HOUSE. We had a bunch of visitors and poor Ainsley just doesn't understand where everyone went. She absolutely loved having all of her aunts and uncles around. The kid loves attention, and attention for Miss Ainsley was in no short supply this past weekend.

We had invited Cam and Amanda back down this year for a local festival called Shamrock the Block. We also had talked to Carolyn and Mike about the same festival. Well, then Cameron decided to propose to his girlfriend - Amanda. So this brought all the White's down for a celebration. Plus, follow me here, Amanda's parents (Mike and Glenda) are best friends with Kip and Denise. They go to the beach every year together, the kids went to high school together, so it makes the engagement even more exciting. Amanda's parents and her sister came and surprised Amanda as well. So it was really just a big party all weekend. It was really nice having everyone around. Too bad my house is not big enough to hold them all. Some had to stay in hotel rooms. Also, too bad it rained ALL WEEKEND!!! and the festival was cancelled. But, we still had fun.

Ainsley seems to have finally learned every one's names, so that's exciting for everyone. She still has a problem with the hard "C" sound. It's really unfortunate for her that her aunt's and uncle's names are Cameron, Caitlyn and Carolyn. So we have elected to go with nicknames until Ainsley can speak a little more clearly. So Cameron becomes Tam, Caitlyn (or Keek) becomes Theet, and Carolyn is DeeDee. But she's finally able to tell everyone apart and say all their names. People really get their feelings hurt when that's not the case, and I guess I understand. Everyone loves her so much and just wants to be a huge part of her life. She also learned Amanda (Danda), Oliver (ODo), Mike (Miye), Glenda (Denny), Tara (Taya) and Sarah (Sasha). Then of course she's known Nanny and Popa for a very long time. (Yes, these are all the people that were visiting this weekend - two Mike's actually - So when I say full house, I mean full house).

Ok, I really need to get back to work now. Pictures will come later this week.
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