Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yes, I am still alive...

Sorry all, my life is a complete hectic mess right now. No time for blogging whatsoever!!! Just wanted to drop a quick line. Work is kicking my behind these days. I'm lucky to get out of there at a reasonable time. Then sometimes I have to come home and work more. If I'm not working I'm trying to work on my class. If I'm not doing that then I'm in bed sick with a cold. So that's my life in a, sleep, work, sleep, work sleep. Ainsley has been sick, I'm getting over it and Clif is just starting it. Crazy times here.

Hopefully I will have a little free time this weekend between working on my class, catching up with my actual real job, and cleaning my house - which by the way is a complete disaster like nothing I've ever seen before. Seriously, my living room is a nightmare. Horribly cluttered with packed bags from the long weekend. Please no one come to my house, I'd have to lock you out!

All right, gotta go to bed now so I can get up and do it all over again tomorrow. When I do find the time, I promise a nice long read with lots of pics.

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