Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Little Piggy

Tonight when we got home, Ainsley was really hungry. Actually, she's hungry just about any time of the day, even though she eats plenty at meal times. Well, we are not so good about closing the pantry door and she knows just where her snacks are. Right now she is on a cheesy poof kick. Don't worry, I'm not feeding my 14 month old cheesy poofs, but Gerber makes these things called Lil Crunchers, or maybe Lil Crispers, and the cheese flavored ones taste just like cheesy poofs. So she brings a brand new can over to me. I know Clif is going to be a little late, so dinner will be a little late and her last snack was at 2, so I decide to give her some. I fill a cup with them and she sits down to eat them and drink her milk.

Well, here is a picture of her about 15 minutes later finishing the can!!! Yes, she ate the entire can, and in not that much time! Then she proceeded to eat most of her dinner. I have quite a little piggy on my hands. No wonder her pants are getting too short, she is growing, growing, growing.

Later on we were playing in her room and here's a video I took. It cracked me up, I hate the way I sound laughing on film, I hope I don't really sound that way. Don't tell me if I do.

Also, Ainsley has started "singing" the 5 little monkey's song. It's so funny, and I'm trying so hard to get it on film, but she never wants to cooperate. I'll keep trying.

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